October 19

Must Have Exercise for Women in Menopause and Beyond | Fitness Over 50


Strength training, HIIT, and Low to Moderate activity are all – in balance – a part of the exercise that will support muscle and bone and keep stress levels low and immunity strong.

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  • Great video, but I’ve a question. If someone is able to do strength training only once a week but is doing HIIT and yoga and some stretching in between the days, is that also okay? Because I keep hearing to do strength training twice a week, but even though I am still 48, I am not able to do strength training twice a week. Could you elaborate on that please? Thanks.

  • Would you consider a 6 day split weight training program too much for a 50 yr old menopausal woman? If so, would a 4 day upper lower split be better?

  • I’m one who loves, loves working out, now figuring out how to reset workouts at 50. I’m guilty of not having recovery days, i do overtrain, in process of incorporating recovery days. Happy to find you, your tips are all very helpful. thank you. stay well, everyone. 😊

    • What workouts do you do? What state are you in? I have little boys who are usually in the same room and want to follow along, smallish room, what do I do? Is my video okay for them to see, women in leotards?

    • @S L strength train, cardio, HIIT, treadmill, I mix it up, Calif., Use your best judgement on what you think is age appropriate for your children to watch or not if they have to be in same room while you work out, hope this helps, as it’s the best I can do since I don’t know you or where your at in your fitness journey. Suggest you continue to follow, seek guidance from Debra. Thanks for reaching out, I am sure you got this! Just take it one day at a time it’s not a race it’s a journey..one that can be enjoyed when done 👍 right and constantly!!

  • Shoulder and knee issues get in the way. We need ways t o work around pain issues and autoimmune issues so we don’t deteriorate.

  • You can’t outtrain a bad diet… I learned that the hard way training so hard and having poor results. Then I started following the Agoge diet, and I finally started seeing some awesome results.

  • Great information. Especially the breathless in HIIT training. I hope this tip helps me. I have been trying to do the mathematical equation based on age, intensity, etc.. this makes way more sense.
    Thank you so much!
    What are your 3 go to exercises when you are crunched for time?
    I am wondering if its 3 isolated exercise or a compound move like the squat, curl, overhead press?

  • Hi, new to your channel, great information, glad I found you. The question I have is, are you incorporating strength and HIIT exercise for the same workout or alternating (Monday HIIT Thursday strength) ? Thank you.

  • I had no aches, pains, or anything before menopause at 56, then it hit, still no pain but walked down one stair at 60, landed on the same stair rung, broke my hip and femur in half, no fun

  • Hello from North Carolina, just stumbled on your video just before bed. I love your style of sharing vital information. I am in my 50s and always looking to reinvent myself to stay motivated, OMG! Loving you

  • Thank you! I am 51 this week and postmenopausal. First channel that still treated me like a vital person not elderly or some influencer trying to sell me nonsense. This video made me feel empowered and hopeful for this next phase of life.

  • This was super duper helpful! I’m 56 and trying to figure out the proper “combo” of exercise and this was exactly the explanation I needed. LOVE your channel! Thank you!

  • Like other comments, I am wondering how often to do the HIIT training? Is it okay or even best to do it on the 2 days per week that you do strength training? Thank you!! I love your content!

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