October 19

How to Eat, Fast, Exercise, and Lose Belly Fat: Flipping 50 TV Episode 13


Debra’s answers to eating or fasting during exercise. The art and science of what to eat and when to eat before, during, and after exercise for optimal weight and fat management. End your confusion and get clear on how to get the best results from exercise.


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  • Great, great info! This was my first time watching and I have to say, I am really impressed. I love how you present the info, tell us to think for ourselves critically then give what works for you. You’re a teacher and exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for posting!!

  • thank you so much for all the wonderful exercise tips and information! I’m wondering if you have ever tried rebound exerci? I love it and use it regularly. Do you have thoughts about it and it’s benefits that are unique two other aerobic exercises?

  • I really enjoy your videos. Very informative. I would like to know how to get rid of belly fat. I know if I want to look thin I will have to have to go under the knife. 😩. I use to weigh over200 pounds. So I have a lot of excess fat.

  • Hi, another great informational video! You continue to inspire me to eat better (which if have and have lot 7 lbs) but also i really excited to exercise 5 day a week! i really enjoyed the ask Debra show! Love all the sound bites! I had a little tough time hearing you on this video, the music was a little loud over your voice in the beginning. Keep em coming!!

  • The Universe always answers your call.  I’m fifty-nine and was looking for some answers!  Wa la!  Here’s Flipping Fifty.  Thank you Debra!

  • Hi Debra ! My biggest challenge is motivation ~ it comes and goes and I don’t know how to keep it going successfully!

    • Hi Laura- here’s my take on motivation. Most of the time I think it’s really that we don’t know or believe what we do or think we should will really give us results. SO we wain and then of course don’t get results… vicious cycle. You do have to commit and willpower is necessary for a short time… once you get through that.. the results start giving you the motivation. When you’re “hooked” it’s more like a (positive) drug..and you don’t need “motivation” .. so commit! Get a program, a partner or coach short term to help you stay accountable- we ALL need it- me too!

  • Good to meet your twin sister! 😀 Should I exercise for my body type? I’m between short /stocky and tall/ lean. Pear shape….thank you 😀

  • I am not diabetic but since it runs in my family I check it often. After working out the other morning without having eaten my blood sugar was very, very high. Is this normal? Is how quickly the level returns to a normal level more important than the level after working out? Or, given that it was so high am I just someone who need to insure I eat prior to working out?

  • This was just what I needed today Debra! I have been intermittent fasting through the night and waking up in the morning to do my HIIT workout. I haven’t been seeing much results after a month, and was getting really pissed off and tired about it today as my hunger pains were out of control while on the treadmill this morning. THANK YOU so much for all the thorough explanation. I am so inspired and am going to try your suggestions. I think you are so funny and inspiring with your delivery of your messages too. I kind of feel like you rescued me this morning. 🙂 Thank you! xoxo Shannon

  • Thank you! I just stumbled on your channel ❤I’m 49 and I also think that the best is yet to come! Very pleased and impressed with your content and delivery 💪🏻🌺

  • I thoroughly enjoy your approach to this over 50 challenge to maintain a healthy body. From looking at several of your videos, I see that you do your own research and do not run with every fad that comes over the hill. Also, you don’t base your diet and exercise strategies on one element of the whole picture. You look at all the issues that make it difficult for the over 50 female to maintain a fit and attractive body. Thank you for this great presentation!

    • I quit trying to block out the music and closed the video. Too distracting. If I want music, I’ll go to a music channel.

  • Hello! I am a PhD student – pouring over research about education every day. I love, love this video about critically consuming information and research! I plan to subscribe and watch often! BTW I’m post-menopausal and 54 years old, I have gained about 20 extra pounds since I started the Ph.D. program. I have sore knees, ankles, neck… I exercise about three times per week.

    • Keep it up Joan! Let me know if I can help! SO GET IT! I’ve spend just a month sitting more with a final push on a book… and editing… and I’m convinced that it’s not just one thing… the stress…the extra cup of coffee too often.. and skipping exercise … not the “calories” but the stress reduction it offers. I’m in the boat too… love that you’re doing a PhD! In what?

  • Here is a copy of an outline that I had out when I’m asked about principals of fitness. Especially look at weight training “how to “Fitness tips

    1 Those who have no time or inclination for nutrition and fitness will be required to make additional time for illness and injury.

    2 Exercise carries some risk. But sitting on the couch carriers the most risk

    3 the body adapts to what you do, and it also adapts to what you don’t do: but it adapts faster to what you don’t do.
    4 The body adapts to what you don’t eat. But it adapts quicker to what you do eat.

    5 nobody ever got healthier with inaction

    6 You’re out of the gym 22 hours a day. What I do outside the gym is more important than what I do in the gym
    7 Fitness starts at the kitchen table

    8 You’ll never regret what you don’t eat

    9 The body doesn’t count reps. It only knows muscle fatigue. Muscles only grow after they are exhausted.

    10 With patience, improvement will come. Next year at this time I’ll be fitter or not. It’s up to me. But next year is on its way.

    The 5 Golden lifts. Use dumbbells or a straight bar or any combination
    Lift only what you can comfortably control.
    Use only the intended body part for the lift. Do not use other body parts as leverage or momentum.Slow and controlled with a pause at the beginning middle and end of a rep.
    1 bench press
    2 dead-lift
    3 squat
    4 pull up
    5 overhead press

  • I am your avid fan and i love your page so much …it helps me a lot in my everyday workout …and the reasults are fantastic😊😊
    Am from Phillippines😊😊

  • A new subscriber here, been 🔍 searching for new working outs as prior ones are not giving me same results they did prior to perimenopause. Your videos are very helpful. happy to be here! Thank you.

  • Hi.Just discovering you and have a few questions around the content of this video.
    1. How long do we wait to exercise in the morning after a protein shake, can we drink it and workout straight away or say 10 mins after consuming?

    2. After workout, how long before we eat? Is it within 20 mins referred to as the ‘window of opportunity’ as touted in the past?

    Hope I’m understanding this correctly! Subbed and going to check out the rest if your videos later

  • So glad I found your channel. Also, I’ve never been an early morning workout person (tried it many times over the years) so I just want to share with my other non-morning workout persons, don’t let that stop you from working out. Listen to your body and go for it! Morning is great, but if it doesn’t work for you, just find your time and do it!

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