October 19

Love Your Legs at 50 or Any Time | Flipping 50 TV Episode 11


Debra’s lower body exercise strategy. Toned, tight legs are an asset for living fully with body confidence and keep you injury free. Get safe and sane exercise strategies for your legs. Even the hard-to-tone areas and trouble spots are addressed here!


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  • I have a question. I was told that you should have your protein about an hour after you workout because that goes right to your muscle to build for recovery. But here you saying to have a high protein breakfast before you work out. Can you explain more in detail about this? I appreciate you and all your doing to help us out here. Carrie

    • Hi Carrie- definitely pre and post nutrition (high protein for those of us older than 50…because even if we’re fit we don’t process it as well as we did when we were younger. Before and or after…depending on timing of exercise and the intensity of it. Light to moderate exercisers… no need to overcompensate. But if you’re reaching fatigue you have to have protein to repair the breakdown that happens with exercise.

    • It’s all in what time schedule you’re on. You don’t have to eat before… but I would never advise women in hormone change to fast before exercise unless they have tons of energy and just can’t tolerate food before exercise. I work for 3-4 hours before I break to workout.. so yes, absolutely I’ve had a high protein breakfast before. It’s a must to keep muscle! But without knowing your timing and schedule it’s hard to say what’s right for you.

  • It’s 8 pm at my house and I am getting ready to exercise. I watched the video and it looks like what I need. I am not a morning person so I often exercise or walk in the evenings. Is this ok or should I make a real effort to exercise in the morning?

    • For hormone balance… the intense exercise should be done earlier in the day ideally. More relaxing exercise – later is fine!

    • The most important thing is that your do exercise. If you cannot get yourself to do it in the morning, don’t then say, “Well, what’s the point?” then just stop altogether or only do yoga or something. Just do the best you can.

  • So either do step-ups or the kneeling leg lifts for the 3rd set depending on the day of the week? I am de-conditioned and want to get back to weight training and yoga with some brisk walking and mild HIIT for my cardio. Should I go straight to weight training or stick with the bodyweight exercises to begin?

  • I’m a 58 year old with Parkinson’s disease. I thought I would try your 5 minute cardio. I can do most of it, but definitely not ready for public viewing. Lol. My balance is not so great but I’m going to keep trying. Just have to modify sometimes. Thank you so much for doing these workouts!!! The length is perfect for me!

  • Great work outs and topped with good introduction to how and why!
    I am trying to regain weight and muscle at present! I am eating extra calories and seriously putting in the hard yards!
    I am recovering from breast cancer that’s why I lost weigh, slowly coming back and truly appreciate the time and effort you spend on these workouts!

  • I started these exercises today, and I couldn’t get through the first lot!!!
    How bad is that?!
    Would trying these exercises everyday help to build up to finishing the whole video, or every other day?
    My top half is very good but I am very weak on the lower half of my body.
    Many thanks in advance…

  • I know this is an older video, but hopefully you will see my question. I have lost 27 pounds in 5 months. Over all pretty happy with the results. However I have fat right above my belly button that won’t go away. I don’t think I need to lose anymore weight. Any exercise to help with this? Also, help with arms?!? Looking for exercises I can do with equipment.

  • Hello from sunny Kent in the UK.
    I have just found your channel and I love your videos.
    I have been trying to get a flat tummy for years, I have this small pouch of fat that will not shift, I just want to get rid!
    I am going to try your ab workout and see how that goes.
    Any other suggestions, please x

  • Just loaded your video, loaded Zoom and did this workout with a friend. Terrific resource in these challenging times. Thank you so much for making this available!

  • This is great, thanks Debra. I just did this on my front porch here, and used. kitchen stool for my step. I was inspired by your being outside. This is good to do right now while I can’t do much upper body or weight right now with my should pain. This is great, I’ve done the Mon/Fri segment a few times now and this week will add in Wed. Thanks again.

  • Love your tutorials! How do I strengthen my legs and protect my lower back at the same time? Is it simply through keeping spine elongated?

  • Love this workout. I’m 59 years old and am having trouble with timing my legs. I think this will do the trick. Some other workouts are made for 20 year olds and totally in doable. Your video is tough but great moves that I think will work for me..

  • I’m 53 and I love this work out, but can’t do all of it, due to an “overuse” knee injury. I’ve been doing your knee strengthening exercises for a week now and am feeling a little better. Why do the reverse lunges bother the injured knee upon stepping back and not when it’s the stabilized knee? By the way, the scenery is beautiful in this video. Looks like the Sierras.

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