October 19

Prevent Back Pain (Get A Flat Belly and Look Thinner) | Flipping 50 TV 15


If you’ve experienced back pain or you want to avoid it this episode is for you. Identify the lesser known reasons that can contribute to back pain. Learn simple stretches to keep you feeling good and moving well.


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  • Hi Deborah. I’m really happy I found your podcast. I’ve been on permanent disability from my sedentary position job (Graphic Designer) since 2003 due to a back injury. Over the years I’ve developed osteoarthritis from the base of my neck to my tailbone. I also have scoliosis and my upper back is not like average people – when I do the cat stretch, it stays flat there – so lots going on. And due to the sheer sensitivity in so many areas on my body, fibromyalgia has been suggested. So… there’s a lot I can’t do but I’m not giving up. The one question I have is: due to the crunching in my big toes due to arthritis, I cannot do lunges or toe raises. Besides wall slides and sit to stand exercises, what can I do to increase calf, thigh and hamstring strength? Oh… I’m 64. I look great in the face but feel much older everywhere else. 😕

  • The best video of its kind by far! I’m glad I found your channel! Thanks a lot and greetings from Spain 💖

  • Details do matter! I’ve always wondered where to put my foot/ankle when in the #4 stretch. Now I know I’ve been doing it wrong in my exercise class for the last 3 years!

  • Thank you for sharing these helpful tips!!! I’m enjoying watching your videos and learning more about the holistic approach to being healthy and happy (which is what works for me… A well rounded approach). Thanks once again and keep it coming 😊

  • I found this video yesterday and am I ever glad I did. I’ve suffered from low back pain off and on for as long as I can remember. I just completed following along with you and I can actually say after just one session, I feel the difference. I’m even standing with better posture. I’m 59 and can’t wait to follow your other videos.
    I have a question concerning form when performing floor exercises. I have tried Pilates moves and I find that depending on who you follow, there are differences between them. Some instructors say to keep your back flat on the floor and others say to keep the natural hollow between your lower back and the floor. I prefer keeping the hollow there but is one way right and the other wrong? Or is it just personal preference? I don’t want to harm my lower back any more than it is. Thank you.

    • Diane Forrester I wonder why she doesn’t answer these, probably too many. But I like your question, I’ve wondered about the same thing. I have lower back problems and the key seems to be support from your abs, strengthening your abs. That simple floor exercise you mention seems essential, and I’ve also heard those two different things. It seems that pulling in your belly button towards your lower back – and pressing it towards the floor – is a really helpful exercise. That effort stretches the curved lower back (“duck-butt”, she said: ha ha), eases pressure and strengthens some inner abdominal muscle that’s hard to reach. Then you also hear about the natural curve; maybe it depends on what you’re doing – and how many things you can focus on at once! Just don’t hyper-extend.. You could ask your teacher, tell them you’ve heard both things.. Or Google.. I’m not a pro. My dad had lower back pain his whole life, and I have similar issues and posture is key. I’m planning to get certified as a trainer (one could only hope to be half as great as Ms. Atkins) and I do have a First Aid and Caregiver certificates.. Good luck. Probably the natural curve is fine, but sometimes pressing to the floor can help strengthen.

  • Thank you! I’ve watched several of your videos the last couple of days! You explain so much about structural alignment that is helpful! I am 50 and have never had to excercise to look fab, but that is changing. This not only has potential to look better, but I feel better NOW! The question is, I noticed, my quads are weak and that affects any success with lunges. (They always have been…) What is the best, fastest way to improve quads, so that lunges are less challenging to my knees. thanks. Your Rock! I will recommend you to my clients, BowenWork.

  • Just discovered your channel and feeling really loose and limber after just one session. I will definitely return. Thank you

  • Awesome video. Just turned 80 and always kept abs toned but finding it more difficult now. Do yoga weekly but that isnt enough for my abs.

  • I felt so much relief,my muscles felt stretched and I was pain free for the first time after doing these exercises . God bless u.

  • Oh boy did this help! I’ve done all those stretches but putting them all together felt sooooo good. Thanks so much for all of your info. I’ve come to totally rely on your information. Even have your book!!

  • Absolutely fantastic.!!!! Thank you so much for sharing . I will follow through on all of your exercises. I’m 54 and truly enjoy working out. These I will add onto my selection. Do you have any safe thigh exercises? I’ve just started doing the squats this week. I feel the burn but anxious to see some toning. Lauren 🙂

  • First time I’ve watched this- Amazing! My hubby has been suffering from back pain for years- I Know these will help him. I suffer from a severely tight left hip due to a forced stretch many years ago, I can feel the difference already! Thank YOU!

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