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We serve WOMEN who want to LOSE WEIGHT and need the resources to do it quickly and effectively.

We are Ben & Jess - the husband and wife duo behind - REKOL GROUP WELLNESS TEAM 

We created our BLOG in response to what Jess witnessed during her 12 year career as a Registered Nurse.

As a health care worker Jess saw first hand the impact obesity had on the patient population...

...the health issues

...the physical distress

...the lack of confidence

Women would try anything to lose weight and sometimes go to some crazy extremes...

That experience led us to our mission of sourcing the best information, products, programs and resources to help women lose weight quickly and effectively.

Our goal is to make our BLOG more about you than about us so we look forward to your feedback.

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Yours in Health,

Ben & Jess | Rekol Group Wellness Team