October 19

How to Ditch Frustrating Belly Weight (That’s also a Health Risk) Flipping 50 TV 32


If you struggle with belly fat and can't take it off this episode is for you. Cortisol from high levels of stress deposits fat in the belly especially once estrogen levels decline during menopause. Bio-identical hormones don't do it all, you have to make lifestyle habit changes for real and lasting results. If you're highly stressed from your dietary, exercise, sleep, and work habits, there are small changes (and big) that you can make to get better results.

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Use the checklist of habits for the fit and fabulous over 50 and assess where small changes will make a big life today.
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  • Went to the doctor yesterday, UGH! I have to get off my belly fat. Everyone says I don’t look overweight, but little do they know I’m hiding a big old gut!

  • Thank you Debra for the wonderful video. I’ve incorporated two of your videos in my exercise schedule, and this one also I’ll. Your advise about eating protein one hour after exercise in one of your videos has been greatly useful and solved many of my issues. Thank you!

  • That’s funny about the chalk board, it’s clearly partially erased. Fortunately we know the words are cortisol and insulin! These videos are so helpful.

  • Makes sense because I have insomnia and don’t always eat breakfast that’s healthy and can’t shift belly fat , plus exercise is slow at moment because of bad back flare ups, thanks

  • Sleep isnt easy for me. I went through menopause early due to cancer. I dont know if it’s the menopause or chemotherapy but I have trouble sleeping. I have a bedtime routine like you suggested .

  • Hi my name is Margaret and I just found your videos and really like them . Don’t faint but I am 75 years old in age not mind and spirit. I had always been in good shape , worked out played Raquetbball 3 times a week but 2 years ago my life changed. I began having pain in my right hip and going down my leg .Found out it was sciatica and it was so painful. I just quit everything. To me arms are very important , l still have muscle but also underarm fat . That’s what I want to work on first . Is there hope and can you help?

    • Hi Margaret, your comment is so inspiring. Keep doing the arm exercises twice a day for 30 minutes. It will surely help, You can do it sitting down as well. Keep going.

  • Just found you! I’m in my 50’s and clicked on your channel because I thought you meant flipping the bird to the way average 50+ year old women live, look old, feel old & act old for the rest of their lives. I was perrrrfectly happy, healthy, productive, energetic, quick, intelligent, able to learn new things, funny, disciplined, motivated, confident, tight, and toned, feminine had thick hair, slept like a baby and felt joy. ALL of these things have gone to complete crap within a few years before, during & now 1 year PM. I have been to every kind of doctor, I’m taking BHRT (which seems to be a drop in the bucket of estrogen my body needs & craves), eating as you describe, exercise as you describe and keep good sleep hygiene but sleep maybe 3.5 hours. I very much want to flip 50 and get my whole self back. I feel like the walking dead. I’m not alone from the forums I read. How do I and all the other gals like me get it back?

  • Just discovered your YouTube channel. I’ve turned 53 and for the first time in my life I’ve developed a muffin top😱, put on 20lbs😱😱 (I’m now 164lbs😱😱😱), and seem to have lost the “spring in my step”. I suddenly feel older😭
    My friends don’t understand my anxiety as I still look thin.
    Istarted walking a couple of months ago as a low impact means of regaining fitness, but although I do feel fitter and happier for this open air exercise, I’ve not lost any weight.

    Just been watching your channel and have learned a great deal already. I will give my body VARIETY in foods, exercise (intensity and duration) and set up a strict bed time routine. I did your beginner HIIT this morning and feel great.
    Thanks so much for providing this important health information free of charge to women all over the world. I’ll give you some feedback in a couple of months as to how its going.

    The one question I have is about routine when working shift work. I work in health care and have two shifts – 7am – 13:30 or 16:00 – 22:00. One weekend-in-three, I work a split shift weekend – 7am – 22:00 both days. Luckily, I don’t work nights.

    How can shift workers avoid cortisol booms when working nights or late shifts?

    Thank you
    Bournemouth, UK.

  • How about fat loss (exercise and diet) for hormone imbalance, PCOS, hashimotos, and hypothyroidism? No matter how restrictive my diet or exercise, I get MINIMAL results!! I’m 46 yrs old and struggled with this for the last 3 yrs. thank u

  • Hi! I am overtraining, conditioned to train as I am still in my 20’s to ’40s, now that I am 50; not seeing the same results even tho i stay active, eat clean, get enough rest, not sure what I am doing wrong. Question: Can you recommend the best methods to incorporate healthy carbs in my weekly meals? are carbs needed in every meal? I already enjoy green liquid breakfast with protein. DO you recommend cardio + strength + interval training daily? Is it necessary to have rest days to retain muscle? Wondering if you are on HRT to help you retain muscle tone? Thank you so much, appreciate your professional advice, stay well. See you on the flip side 🙂

  • Hi! Wondering if this video would be good & effective or me. I’m actually past my 50’s and now 67. I’ve been a Type 1 dialectic for 5 years. I am not over weight but my tummy seems to be pouching more than I’d like, which is probably attributed to age and insulin injections/pump site in my tummy. I would love to know what exercises you think would help! Thanks

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