January 6

How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?


You get to decide — I suggest daily so you can see and accept the fluctuations. Download The 5-0 Method today at pahlabfitness.com


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  • Which is way better than living in fear of the scale and then not weighing. (Spoken from experience) You’re going to have to linking all of these cute tops you’re wearing Pahla!

    • Pahla has hundreds of exercise videos you can choose from! I am starting over with the 5 workouts every 4 weeks in 2022 list, along with some of her other series, and there is plenty of content to keep me going all year!

    • I’m doing the 30 days of January 2021. So great! Plus, she has never said that she won’t do any workout videos. Doesn’t look like it now, but things change. She might pop in one or two here and there. She HAS promised (gulp) to be here every day of the year, but we don’t know what that is going to look like. Heck, even SHE may not know exactly. Let’s watch it evolve.

  • Really love the way you address mindset as part of your strategy. 5-0 method makes so much sense. It seems to me that working with oneself is sustainable and less draining. Loving the daily tips! Thanks!

  • I weigh daily because I have found I can go 8-10# up and my clothes still fitting the same, but losing 10# is a lot harder than catching a weight gain of only 2-3#!

  • Weighing keeps me focused. It might not work for everyone but I don’t have the dread of standing on the scales as I know if it says up 3lbs, that can’t be fat gained in 24hrs, it’s going to be water but over time I can plot my general downward trajectory of weight.

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