October 19

Flat Belly Tips You MUST Get This Right | Women Over 50


If you have established a strong core, built a foundation focused on activating the Transversus Abdominus (TVA) you can do it anywhere. Sitting, standing, lying.
This is NOT sucking your belly button or drawing to your spine.

Instructions to do this suggest the instructor does not understand the physiology and function of core muscles. Run!
This is not new news. The science of core exercise has been around for decades. You weaken your core muscles when you "suck in" and can't possible experience a strong core, flat belly, or lower back protection when you do it.

A flat belly comes from bracing, not hollowing. Follow me to get the core videos all month during Aug 2020 to help you feel and look stronger and healthier.

The 5 Day Flip offers more inclusive strength, cardio, as well as core:

or try the knee-friendly 5 day flip


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