October 19

30 Minute Walking Workout for Beginners & Seniors // Have Fun & Get Your Steps In!


Thank you for joining me for this 2 mile walk! All exercises are knee friendly, easy to follow and low impact. This workout is appropriate for all ages to get your steps in and increase your heart rate. We will alternate aerobic moves with walking in place for a fun way to move our bodies.
This walking workout is 30 minutes and is set to the music so it keeps us moving at an achievable pace. I was able to get 3000 steps in!

Let me know what you think in the comments, I love to hear how you are enjoying my workouts!

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  • Lauren…I have searched for a long time, trying different online “Personal Trainers” and your channel is a ✨BREATH OF FRESH AIR✨
    You keep it interesting, and I’ve tried so many new things!! You’re just lovely…inside and out!! I’m a 67 year old, who refuses to remember that, and constantly fights to stay active. With ALL THE CHOICES in your channel, I seriously doubt I’ll ever see the same workout twice!! The concern you give to our aging bodies, making it gentler on our joints, but keeping it CHALLENGING AND FUN…BRAVO👏👏👏
    Btw…I even got a cute workout outfit…first one!! Thank you for your dedication, Lauren❤️Lisa

  • Great stand-alone workout and also a wonderful add-on to any other of your sessions! Perfect for first thing in the morning motivation.

  • Great walking workout! 4,000 steps and it recorded about 1.4 miles; left out the bounce since it was my first attempt and will include it with more practice now that I know what is expected. Thank you!

  • LOVED LOVED LOVED this walking video! Treadmill bores me and it’s too hot outside!! Thanks again Lauren for another great one!!! You are the BEST!!

  • This is the first of your videos I have done. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to checking out some more of your workouts! Got in 3200 steps during this one according to my tracker.

  • Hi! I’m also very glad to have found your channel. I’ve done several & love them. This was the first ‘walking’ one & I am very obviously ‘dance challenged’ & this wasn’t even dancing! 🤣. One question, as I focus on tightening my abs, keeping them in, I found my lower back was very sore by the end of this workout. Am I doing something wrong? In relation to this, on other of your strengthening/toning videos, you say ‘pull in those abs’ – what exactly does that mean? How should that feel when I’m standing up? My inclination is to pull my shoulders forward… any insight is appreciated. I know technique is important; am I overthinking this? Thank you!

    • Hi Yvonne, I love that you are asking these great questions and wanting to do it right! I often give reminders to engage the core or pull the abs in. By doing this you are working your entire torso both front and back which may be why you are feeling in your back. Definitely don’t pull your shoulders forward, you want to keep them back. If you think about bracing your ab muscles like someone is about to punch you in stomach, that will engage your core. Or think about a corset squeezing your waist and ribs, not allowing the ribs to flair out. Please be patient with yourself, it takes a while to get the hang of it and to train your muscles to do it. I hope that helps, and don’t overthink it 🙂

  • Thanks for a great workout. This was my 1st time working out with you. I needed a quick workout before Pilates and this fit the bill. I’ll be back again. 3091 steps.

  • Thank you for this gentle workout. I’m recovering from a fractured sacrum and just easing back into my workout regimen so this is a perfect way for me to begin. I usually do more strenuous workouts but not until the fracture is healed.

  • Honestly, this workout I have now done twice. I’m recovering 4 months down the line from heart valve replacement (born with faulty aortic valve) . I’ve progressed from walking to cardio based workouts . I only found your channel last week and the level of challenge is perfect for me. Thank you for giving me the confidence and stamina to be able to progress in my health and fitness.

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