October 19

20-Minute Cardio Follow-Along Workout


This 20-minute cardio follow-along workout helps people of all ages, including seniors, get their heart rate up in a fun way. Get the workout: .


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  • This is one of the best videos! Love that it truly works your core and lower body while getting my cardio! 2 for 1

  • Many of us elderly can do standing exercises IF THEY ARE SLOWER–lots slower. Sometimes it’s essential to have a sturdy chair or doorway there to lean against or grab if we suddenly feel off balance. It helps keep hips and leg bones strong if we can STAND–even if we can only work half our body at a time! Really enjoyable instructor–he’s friendly with great, perceptive attitude. So important to include men–instructor & participants!!

  • Don’t yet qualify for official membership in SS, but since I’m recuperating from massive injuries, this has become my morning cardio routine. We’re all so lucky to have SS!

  • That was FUN! Perfect early morning cardio warm up for the day, with easy steps and do-able progressions. Nice amount of ‘motivational talk, David. I might just take up that challenge and video myself. Stage 4 COVID isolation in Melbourne at the moment is the toughest in the world I hear. Fun is crucial! As for the silver sneakers, is it OK if I stay brunette for a few decades;-)

  • Thank you for the nice little work out, I needed that to start my day. Thanks again all of you. have a blessed day.🤗

  • David’s manner, his caring attitude, his excellent routine is so heart-warming, motivating and really effective and not only for silver-hair beauties, brown hair ones too 😉. If I were in your neck of wood, I would ask you out for a cuppa, sweetie. Keep up the good work! Thanks 🙏🏻❤️

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