October 19

8-Minute Full Body Workout with SilverSneakers


Finding time to exercise can be challenging, so we’ve put together an 8-minute full body workout for you to try during your spare time. This video will consist of 8 exercises, where each exercise will last 40-seconds in length, followed by a 20-second rest period.


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  • SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC! My calves yelled a little on doubles – I loved this! I had driven for 5 hrs today and this was perfect to make me feel better! THANKS! :>

  • Thank you. I think this is just the thing I need to get motivated. A few complaints from my ancient knees, but easy to follow and do.

  • Just found this.Will do it three times as you suggest.We are so lucky to have such excellent instructors.❤️

  • Thank you this was a great video. I’m unfit and had bilateral knee replacement as I’m unable to get on the floor or get myself up again this exercise got my heart pumping I will be making this a daily routine.

  • Wow. Thanks so much. My blood pressure was high. Thanks to diet and these easy exercises, it’s finally getting back to normal.

  • I’ve been doing this routine for a couple of yrs now I have severe ra and diabetic type 1 but I try when I can and what I can thank you 💞

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