October 19

Beginner’s Guide: Lat Pulldown


The lat pulldown is a terrific exercise for older adults that strengthens the back and improves posture. Get instructions: .

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    • Yes. Better to slightly lean back with chest up I find than to stay upright, staying upright invariably makes you spin the bar through your hands.

  • He says place your hands shoulder-width apart and then proceeds to place them about 3 feet apart , he needs to take a look in the mirror

  • The thumbs should be over the bar, not curled round the bar. Doing this engages more of the upper arm muscles which is not the goal of the exercise.

    • That’s not true if you put your hand over the flat bar then you’re cheating the exercise and cheating yourself. You need to widen your hands

  • Since I’m kinda light, the machine pulls me up quite a bit, and I’m worried about slamming the weights back down since I go to planet fitness.

  • I hate the cushions that go on top of the thighs… What the hell… Fat people can’t use this exercise

  • You are not demonstrating this exercise correctly! You do not need to pull the bar that low which is making your shoulders rotate forward. That opens you to all kinds of injuries plus its not targeting the back correctly.

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