October 19

Why A 16 Hour Fast Is Not Enough for Menopausal Woman Who Want to Lose Weight


Why A 16 Hour Fast Is Not Enough for Menopausal Woman Who Want to Lose Weight

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Dy Ann is not a doctor. This advice is from her own personal experience with Intermittent Fasting and from the women in this community who have taken her course. Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

Dy Ann is a Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, PN1, certified Running Coach, Certified Metabolic Flexibility Coach for Lumen, and a MindSet Coach for Today’s Aging Woman

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  • Hi Dy Ann – I’ve just started this week – currently reaching 18 hours. I want to get to 20 hours soon. I’m a bariatric patient 5 years since a gastric sleeve and have gained 20 of the 33 kgs I lost. Since my operation I’m never hungry. I can still only eat a cup of food at a time so have to have 2 small meals rather than 1. Struggling a bit with black coffee but I’m persevering! I’m 59 and have had menopause issues for 5 years…

  • 20! Been doing this for the past month and it’s WORKING!! Committed to 20:4 as a lifestyle (except for special events). My feasting window is from 1-5 daily. So grateful to Dy Ann for helping me understand and internalise the “why.”

  • 16 to 18 hrs for more than a year. But After finding your channel I built up my nerve to try 20 hrs, and to give up cream in coffee, and to my surprise a rash I’ve had on my chest for more than a year started to dry up and is now just red marks. I showed the rash to 2 doctors including a dermatologist and they thought there was nothing to do but wait it out. About 3 months ago I stopped wearing a necklace I always wore thinking maybe I was allergic but the rash stayed. Also the rash was only in the sun damaged “V” that shows with v neck shirts which was odd. SO – consider me a believer that something different and good happens with a longer fast. The cream in coffee was working for me while I lost 40 lbs and reversed pre- diabetes, but the clean fast and longer fast is doing something else I needed. Thank you Dy Ann!! P.S. I’m 58

    • @Dreaming of Tacos Thanks. I ended up getting about 22 hours last night. I didn’t eat until about 8:30 pm. I warmed up 3 pieces of my keto meatloaf, and could only get 2 of them, plus one bite of the 3rd, down. I ended up eating about 2 spoonfuls of raw sunflower seeds, and 2 quarter inch thick slices of cheddar cheese at about 10:45 pm. I think I did pretty good, but I’m going to work my way to 36 hours, at least once a month.

    • @Dreaming of Tacos Last night I saw a video talking about using chicory instead of coffee. I decided to give it a try when I get money at the end of the month. I put some on my Amazon cart.

    • @Dreaming of Tacos From what I’ve read, it doesn’t have caffeine in it. I have never tried it before, although I have heard of it being used as a coffee substitute. So, I don’t know what it tastes like. But, they say it tastes a lot like coffee, except stronger and more robust. I am planning to find out what it tastes like, early next month.

  • After fasting for 20 hrs per day for a few weeks I noticed this week my night vision has improved a bit and my sense of smell has improved a lot. The improvement in
    my energy level has shocked me. Never expected such dramatic improvement. I’m 73

  • The only reason I can’t do the 20 hour fast is that I had gastric bypass 20 years ago and I can’t eat enough in a 4-hour window, so that’s why I switched to alternate day fasting. That works best for me because I don’t eat from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. 36 hours later. It works perfect for me because on that day I eat three smaller meals. This works the way your 20 hour fast works for you I think

  • Started fasting 3 weeks ago with 16/8. It was fairly easy since I usually skipped breakfast anyway. I also do a 45 +minute walk while fasting in the morning. This last week I’ve been stretching the fast to 18 or 19. Only once made 20, but will keep going. I think my electrolytes are the issue. I am now experimenting with a dash of salt & potassium to push me along.

  • I have done 12, 16, 18 and sometimes 24. I have obtained results. As good as they have been, I have fallen off the wagon many times. However, after finding your channel, I switched to 20. It’s been life changing! Magical as you describe it! My body and mind are better in tune with one another. The fat is melting, the energy is amazing, mental fog is gone, and the sustainability is a no brainer!

  • I’m currently fasting 20:4 or 22:2.
    I’m in the August 2022 class and loving it. I’m telling so many women about your class!

  • Thankyou for everything you do for us. What a beautiful kind lady you are Dy.
    You are so intelligent in this fasting life. I’ve been fasting for nearly 2 years, I’m 60, lost heaps of weight, and feeling healthy. All the way from Australia 🇦🇺 🥰😘

  • I tend to float between 18-20 hours throughout the week. I don’t get hung up on having to do 20 hours, but there are days when I just naturally fall into that. Other days I go 18. I even have some days I go OMAD. After 18+ months of doing this I’ve realized that I don’t need to be 100% perfect on how many hours I fast as long as I hit that minimum of 18.

    • @Diana Wardrip Totally agree. While I love a good protein bar from time to time, I prefer to get my protein from my food.

    • @Micha Howden You can Micha, as long as it’s black with no sweetener during your fast. During your feasting period you can have it how you want. I actually break my fast with my latte every morning 🙂

    • @Micha Howden I actually don’t count calories or macros. I do log my food, exercise, etc. but I only watch my fat/carb/protein percentage breakdown and try to keep that even. That, however, is what works for me. Everyone is different. I think the whole key to this and why it works so well for me is that I’m not so hung up on how many calories I eat. Just the quality of what I’m eating.

  • I love this video! It really breaks down why it’s so important to extend fasting period to 20 hours. The simplicity of being able to just get back on track with no drama is beautiful!

  • I first found you 5 yrs ago and did really well. Then life took over and stopped fasting as long and bad decisions in my feasting. This video came back into my feed and I know my WHY again. Since my last course I now have Hasimoto’s , post menopausal, and pre-diabetic. Being a few years older and the hormonal imbalances going on the AH HA clicked. Thank you for the refresher. I’m excited to see how my mind and body will change.

  • I am in the August class and LOVE it! I found that some days I get a little nauseous, so I just started sprinkling a little bit of fasting salts in my ice water and that has been a game changer for me! I can’t handle adding the whole little scoop that the directions say so I just sprinkle maybe a 1/18 tsp or a sprinkle.

  • I just began intermittent fasting this week doing 18hrs. I’ve seen great results so far, but definitely going to try 20 hrs going forward!

  • I’m 79 and Intermittent fast 23/4 every day as a lifestyle. I have reversed pre-diabetes diagnosed last year, lost all the weight I didn’t want, lowered my cholesterol and I am in remission for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

  • Nine months ago I started with a 12/12 intermittent fasting. After 8 months I lost 5% of body fat. In the last mont however I switched to 16/8 and in just one month I lost an additional 3% body fat. For me, the 16/8 works perfectly to burn fat. I follow other doctors that argue that between the 12 hour and the 16 hour is when the lypolisis process takes place. So, so far so good. When I’m ready I’m gonna try the 20/4.

  • Ann, first, I experimented with fasting beginning at the start of the pandemic to see what works best for me and now I have a system that has weight loss as a side-effect, and I feel better. I fast anywhere from 16-20 hours a day. I alternate weekly. I find that it works well for my system. I have lost anywhere from 5-11 pounds a month and it works wonderful for me. I make sure that during my eating window that I eat my vegetables, salad, fruits, complex carbs, healthy fats, proteins and occasional dessert. I also hydrate during that window, and it holds me anywhere from 16-20 hours with no problem. During fasting period, I occasionally will drink hot tea — no milk or sugar, or mineral water. I really enjoy it and I have seen weight loss every month. I am three months into my established program and have lost an additional twenty-one pounds. In total, I have lost thirty-six pounds. My exercise is yard work and cleaning my house. Thank you for the tips you provided. As my schedule lightens up, I will try for one of your classes.

  • I’m 44 & I’ve been exercising regularly for the last 4 years and almost 3 years ago I started experimenting with IF 16/8 with my eating window being 12-8pm. About 4 months after that I started training fasted @ 5:30am 4-5 days a week and would keep fasting until noon. I got great results, But then life & menopause crept up on me and I fell off the wagon for about 6-9 months with my eating and exercise. Now I have gotten myself back on track yet the IF isn’t working as well. On the days that I train fasted I have been getting headaches and they persist even after I break my fast @ 10am. No way I can make it until noon! Let alone fasting for 20 hours! I feel like my body is signaling me with the headaches that it needs some fuel/nutrients after a workout. I want to IF, but I also want to listen to my body. Perhaps it just isn’t for me anymore.

  • So grateful for your video. I’m 65 now and after a few failed attempts I started to fast for 40 hours and have an 8-hour eating window. I, at once, noticed that my clothes becoming wider. Started on August 19th and will only weigh after fasting for a month. I’m feeling great and have no problems fasting at all. I’m a happy faster.

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