February 17

What if I don’t feel like dieting today?


Well, first of all, you never need to diet. But also, YOU are in charge of your journey and you can totally trust yourself.


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  • You’re a good coach, you’re positive & supportive. 😊Everyone is different of course; for me, when I’m on a roll, I REALLY HATE to mess it up 😅 ….but I’m really hard on myself & always have been.

  • I’m trying to follow your method, and I really appreciate what you are teaching me! However, I cannot get support from my doctors for the daily calories that you recommend (weight plus zero). Everyone says it’s too high. What do I do, please? Thank you so much for being here and for your wonderful guidance!

    • The truth of it is that it’s your body, your life and your decision. 💛💛💛 What do you WANT to do?

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