October 19

Weight Training Workout for Seniors & Beginners // Compound Exercises for Strength


Thanks for checking out this full body strength training workout. In 30 minutes we will perform exercises for the entire body using dumbbells. I'm using 8 pounds in this workout, but please start with lighter weights if this is your first time working out with me! My workouts are perfect for seniors and beginners because we go at a nice pace and really focus on form.
This video uses compound or combination exercises for better performance in your everyday activities. If you feel it is too much to do these moves at once then please start slow and just do one move (just arms and not legs). As always do not perform any exercise that you are uncomfortable with or that causes you pain. If you have a question regarding your ability, it is best to check with your doctor.
This video focuses on building strength by using dumbbells. Having better strength allows you to do more in life and makes you feel better, AND avoids injury! Stronger muscles burn more calories and helps reduce bone loss!
After a warm up we will perform about 2/3rds of the exercises in a standing position. We will then move to the floor/mat for some chest, tricep and abdominal work. We will finish with some stretches. Please make sure you finish the workout with the stretches. Stretching and working on flexibility is just as important for the muscles as strengthening movements, and it helps reduce soreness.
Thank you for working out with me.
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  • Thank you, I so appreciate your workouts!! Years ago (and a few injuries back) I used to enjoy working with weights. A while back, I tried to build strength with a trainer at a gym but felt unengaged with the routine of it, and its focus on strength over mobility. YOUR videos are interesting, supportive, and progressive enough for me to build back my strength while moving despite abdominals that have grown weak over time. I am encouraged once again in working with you!

    • That’s great Shanna! Thank you for your kind words! I’m so happy I am able to help and it’s great that you are once again motivated, good for you! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • This was such a great and effective strength workout. Your workouts are always awesome Lauren. Thanks so much for doing what you do!!

  • I would like to add my thanks! I began with your standing pilates workout a few weeks ago and added this weight workout today. I’m 54 and a runner. I’m hoping that these workouts will help me get stronger, especially my hips and abdomen, so I can run again in the future, injury free,

    • You are so very welcome! sounds like you have a well rounded workout plan, and I hope your injury heals well. If you are looking to strengthen your hips and abdomen, I would recommend more pilates!

  • Thank you for this awesome compound exercises, can’t believe it is for seniors & beginners. I was diagnosed with osteopenia , lacking bone density and so i embarked upon strength training at home since three years. Gradually I started with, sitting on chair exercises watching videos of Meredith to standing and advanced. She’s also awesome. The Dexascan showed improvement and continued to do twice a week more or less regularly. Now the 5lbs was very easy even with two repetitions of 15, I didn’t want to increase the weights fearing becoming too muscular and manly. So while looking for a variation I bumped into yours and am so glad. This is the third week, third time as in the first week I was exhausted though enjoyed the variation. As am 74 years bubbly chirpy young girl, want to go cautiously as some of my friends have hurt themselves by walking over 5 miles in this pandemic. Additionally I was also told in August of 2020 that there’s beginning of arthritis due to degeneration. Since am a therapist myself, I did self healing and have almost reversed it with total determination and focus. I intend doing this regularly though could not do the abs, raising my upper body as the neck hurt. God bless you my dear.

    • Thanks Vijaya! It sounds like you have found the right workouts for you and are on a good path. Good for you for taking care of your health and seeing improvements! Way to go!

  • Wow, yet another great workout, even with one pound weights. Only building up from here… I was glad to hear about no squats as I got plenty of those in Cardio Drumming class at the gym yesterday.😁😁 I broke in my new, extra thick fitness mat, too. Thanks so much! 😊 πŸ’—

  • Another fabulous routine I’ve just discovered. Fantastic workout and perfect for anyone with osteoarthritis – loved it! So many thanks for keeping us seniors fit and energetic…and motivated!

  • Thank you for helping me get weights back in my life! Your workouts are excellent! Thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Great workout, Lauren, it was a bit challenging and I was able to keep up with it for 95% of the time. I will continue with my 5 pound weights until I achieve 100%!

  • My analytical brain loves your workouts b/c you fully explain the moves. I tried going to different gym workouts and by the time I figured out the move, they were already three moves ahead of me. Thank you SO much for being detailed in the workout moves. It is very helpful. This is the first time I stick with a program and look forward to it.

  • This workout is one of the best I’ve ever done. I had major surgery four months ago and once I got the go ahead to exercise again, I began to start the journey but had been hesitant to add weights. Well, today I decided to go for it and boy am I glad I did. I was surprised I was able to use eight pound weights and was super grateful for the pace as well as the effectiveness of this workout. It was so perfect that it prompted me to subscribe to your channel. Also, you’re the first trainer who has been able to get me to get on the floor and do ab exercises. I will definitely have this workout in my rotation. Thank you, Lauren!

    • Yay! Thank you so much! Good for you for getting started with working out again. If you look at my “strength” playlist, you will find many more workouts like this one.

  • I love this workout. The compound exercises keep me interested and let me know that I’m working on all major muscle groups. Thanks.

  • Thanks again for the suggestion as this is the best – serious stuff but ultimately the rewards are well-worth the effort. Stay with it, folks!

  • Thank you for this workout which I tried for the first time today, after recovering from a back injury. Your pacing is perfect and enthusiasm helps to maintain motivation. I’m hopeful!

  • I really loved it! My whole body feels stronger all over. I have a lot of progress to make but feel safe with your pace doing it. I am 73yyoung! Thank-you Lauren.

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