October 19

Walk the WEIGHT OFF! | Lose Weight with a Walking Workout for All Ages | 7 Day Walk at Home Program


This interval training program is suitable for anyone who can currently walk for 30 minutes 4-6 times a week. If you are at that fitness level then you can start this program (suitable exercise for seniors, beginners, and people of all ages). Interval training is geared for burning calories and fat, building muscle, and getting past that plateau effect that so many people hit. Interval training uses brief bursts of high-intensity activity which provides the effects people are looking for…more results!

Today's workout is our first interval training day. We'll walk at a regular pace for 10 minutes then go as fast as we can for 1 minute. The speed you go for the 1 minute needs to be geared to YOUR fitness level. It might be a fast walk, a slow jog or a run. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you are working out as hard as YOU can for the 1 minute. If you're just starting out, then just walk faster than your usual pace. I apologize for repeating this but you really need to cater the intervals to YOUR fitness level. If you are used to jogging, then during the 1 minute, go as fast as you can. After our first 1 minute fast walk/jog, we are going to go slower for 2 minutes. We'll complete 5 rounds of the 1 minute fast walk/2 minute regular walk and then finish with a 5 minute cool-down.

The breakdown of each day:
Day 1: 30 minute interval workout
Day 2: 20 minute walk
Day 3: 30 minute interval workout
Day 4: Rest day or a gentle walk (there is no video)
Day 5: 40 minute walking workout
Day 6: 20 minute walking workout
Day 7: 20 minute walking workout

Ideally, you'll continue this workout for 4 weeks. When I did this workout 20 some odd years ago, I shed weight really quickly. I had about 20 pounds to lose and I lost it. Interval training is super effective if done properly. As with anything, your body will start to get used to the workout so I'll create a new program for weeks 5-8. It'll just be a bit more challenging which is what your body will need at that point. Please email me if you have any questions about the workouts. Always listen to your body and take an extra day off at any point if you really feel you need it. The last thing you want is injuries so definitely listen to your body and go at the pace that suits your body and your fitness level.

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Wishing you improved health!

Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician before starting any 'Improved Health' fitness program or any other fitness program. This content is not medical advice and is intended for general education and demonstration purposes only. The use of the information provided in this video is solely at your own risk.

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  • I just finished this workout and came straight onto my computer to tell you how much I enjoyed it! I am of an age where I have my limits, and your videos suit my needs to the T. I’m so glad I found your channel. Keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€

    • Thank you SO much for taking the time to tell me. I always appreciate hearing from viewers and the comments are what keep me motivated to continue. I had fun creating this program. I look forward to your feedback as you try more workouts. Thanks again!

  • If you can, stick with this program for 4-6 weeks before moving on to the next stage of the program. Give your body time to adjust in order to get the best benefits (and to prevent injuries). Go at YOUR own pace and work within your limits and abilities. I look forward to hearing from you as you see progress and results!

    • You have so many workouts, how do I know which ones are in this particular series? I tried doing it before but realized I was confusing workouts and doing a mix of programs.

    • You have so many workouts, how do I know which ones are in this particular series? I tried doing it before but realized I was confusing workouts and doing a mix of programs.

    • @Tammy Norton Hi Tammy, if you look under my playlists, I have them divided up in each series. Another way to help you distinguish them is by colour. I have the same colour on the thumbnail (the pic you see) for each series. Just to let you know, there is no ‘day 4’ in the first series since it is meant to be a rest day. I hope this helps!

  • I love this program. I’m 73 and have bad knees and I’m amazed that I can keep up and not be in pain when the workout is over. This is the perfect speed and intensity for me. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Carole! I’m so glad to hear the program works for you. The next 7 day series will be out next week:)

  • Newbie to your videos and I love them! I really enjoy everything about this video…the music is uplifting, the background is very calming, and your smile is so friendly! Keep up the great work!

  • You have been a blessing to my workout regimen. I have lost inches, although gained some weight, it’s been muscle weight. I can see results after the first week. I have been lifting weights and strength training to no good end. I will follow this program all the way through. Best part is, when I travel I can still do with workouts through the phone app as well!! Thank you!!

    • Hi Kim! Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I am thrilled to hear you are seeing results already…it doesn’t take long with interval training! Glad to hear you are lifting weights as well since that will make a huge difference, too.

  • Your videos popping up in my Q are a blessing! I lost both my dogs within the last 3 months and walking them was my main source of exercise. I just cannot bring myself to go for a walk without them now. Decreased exercise has not been helping my depression. This workout is my first since my second dog passed. Your pleasant demeanor, encouraging words on screen and the level of effort required were absolutely perfect for me today. Did I cry through some of it…absolutely…but I did not stop. I will be seeing you daily from now on. I have a daughter in college and I need to stay healthy for her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Know you have helped me and I am sure many many more out there. Peace. πŸ’š

    • Hi, I am so sorry to hear about losing both of your faithful companions in such a short span of time. I can understand how difficult it must be going for out for walks now. Eventually, you will be able to again. Until then, I am so happy to hear you enjoyed this workout and that you plan to continue to exercise. I work with people with depression and I am so happy to read that you understand exercise is crucial for improving your mood. I also love how you are thinking of your daughter when you think of your own health. You’re right…she needs you to stay healthy and to be here for her, too. I hope my workouts continue to give you the motivation to continue exercising every day to help you heal until you can return to walking outdoors.

  • Loved this one, thank you JulesπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—!! Definitely I was going at my own pace, but I loved it😍! I also had to take a couple of breaks, but got it doneπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ!! This one is definitely a fave and I will stick to this one for a few days or weeks until I am able to complete it and move on. Thank you Jules and have a great day πŸ€—!

  • Loved this just the right level for me 5 weeks after full hip replacement. Had to find something suitable as we have deep snow outside so can’t go walking. Thank you.

    • Snow already?!? Wow. I’m amazed you can do this workout so soon after a full hip replacement…wow again! You are definitely motivated. Impressive Heather!

    • Thank you! Just so you know, there is no day 4 is this first series. It is designed to be a rest day (you can do a light workout…20 or 30 minutes…if you want) but otherwise, just take the time to recover.

  • I did it and kept exactly to your steps for the fast sections. And I am proud! I don’t know how much weight I lost but I certainly lost sweat. Sometimes I was concentrating on your feet movements and my arms did not always synchronise. The overall pattern is excellent and I am determined to stick with it as you suggest. Because of Thailand temperatures, I needed the fan! (I started with Mama Mia a long time ago and followed several of your programs before hitting the jackpot!)

    • That’s AMAZING Bryan! Congratulations! This is a much more challenging workout than some of the others but it can also be catered to each person’s fitness level which is the thing I love about intervals. Oh, to be in Thailand! Lucky, lucky you! I backpacked in Thailand about 25 years ago. I have so many fond memories and can’t wait to go back one day. I look forward to hearing how it goes as you continue the series.

  • You must get tired of hearing this but I’m gonna say it anyways, ‘ANOTHER AWESOME WORKOUT!” Thank you Jules!

    • I will never grow tired of reading that. Thank you SO much for taking the time to tell me. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  • Thank you! Finally a program that truly is for seniors. Your routines are helping me get my health back one workout at a time! So very grateful!

  • Hi Jules, this is one I keep going back to because I like the music, the pace and even the fast jogging! I’m going to do my strength training later in the day to see if that works better for me. Thanks for your good and caring energy

    • That’s a great idea about breaking up the workouts to see if that works better for you. I’m glad you like this workout and the music…intervals are great for seeing improvements in overall fitness.

  • Hi there, I have done this 1st series for 6 weeks and wow what a difference it has made. I have lost 2 inches off my waist and with dieting as well as these exercises I am now 2 stone down. I love your workouts as I feel you are in the room with me, encouraging me along. I noticed you have done a resistance band video (standing not seated) and wondered if you plan to do more as I don’t have weights and want to strengthen my upper body. Thank you so much you are amazing.

    • Wow! Congratulations on your dedication to exercise and healthy eating and your accomplishment of losing 2 stone! That’s amazing! I am so glad you have enjoyed this series. Since you have done it for 6 weeks, you can move onto the next series now if you feel ready. The change will be good for you at this point, too. I don’t currently have a plan to do another resistance band workout but you could incorporate that workout into your current routine. You can skip the intro and just do that no-talking version which wouldn’t add too much extra time onto your other routines. Another no-weight suggestion would be to add in push-ups (either regular push-ups or adapted on your knees) and add in squats. The push-ups challenge your entire upper body and squats are great for an overall leg workout. You could add those two exercises onto the end of your workout every 2nd day and you will see a lot of change over time. Just start easy…don’t do too much because you will be too sore! I hope that helps.

  • I think these videos were made for me! For years I’ve been looking for something dance based that wasn’t too hard but that meant that I could push my limits. I’m 70 and thoroughly enjoying trying them all! This series I’m hoping will help me to lose a little weight (as long as I don’t treat myself to something sweet and gooey as a reward!).
    Thank you so much!

    • I am super happy to read that these videos work well for you, Annie. Yay to that! I think with consistency you will see quite a change in your fitness level after a few weeks. Kudos to you for taking such good care of yourself at 70! As for the sweet stuff, I hear you…that is a challenge for most of us. I’ve tried to train my brain to think the sweet stuff isn’t a reward…because in reality, it’s actually quite the opposite (does more harm to our body than good). It works sometimes…but other times I still want the sweet stuff!

  • I love the warm up, I tend to wake up a little stiff and it works it right out of me, I’m on day one of the third week and am feeling the difference from when I first started. Thank you Jules!

    • It is amazing how quickly we progress when we exercise consistently…I’m so glad you are noticing the positive results!

  • Thank you. Thank you for this nice workout. I spontaneously decided to do it this evening and really enjoyed the 30 minutes. I like your style. You are so wonderfully natural and authentic. Keep it up. πŸ‘

  • Thank you for your videos. I have done quite a few of the really low impact, beginner videos you have made. This is the first time I have ‘ran’ in 10 years after having 2 double lung transplants. I have been terrified of the feeling of being out of breath to the point of almost having panic attacks if I feel a little short of breath (bad experiences with bum lungs!). The small doses of 1 minute running was perfect, not too intimidating. I was able to do them all, and I hope to overcome my fear to the point of being able to do 2, then 3, then, 4 then 5, then who knows how many minutes consecutively. Thank you so much, I know it’s anonymous here but I wanted to tell you how much your videos have helped me. Greetings from Switzerland πŸ™‚

    • Thank you SO much for sharing your progress with me. Good for you for encouraging yourself to try the short runs, despite your fear of being out of breath. It must be a great feeling knowing you beat the fear, and it is simply awesome how you already have goals set for the future. I truly appreciate that you took the time to let me know. Thank you! πŸ’—

  • I’ve started doing your workouts with toning sticks….its a great arm workout included β™‘β™‘ Thanks for all your effort and videos.

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