January 26

Stop SABOTAGING your weight loss (and do THIS instead)


Being curious is the antidote to impatience, frustration, and self sabotage. Find out what else you can do by downloading the 5-0 method at getyourgoal.com


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  • You right!
    During my journey of losing 24 pounds in 2 years , I had 3 people supposingly loose weight with me but since they having a hard time doing it and saw I was making progress , they quit and said ” Im not doing it anymore. Its too hard. You’re on your own!”.
    I was hit hard cuz we supposed to be a support system to each other.
    So what I did next was pray that I will continue with my weight lost journey, since Ive lost 24 pounds.
    This year I want (need ) to loose 48# more.. Thats about 4# / month.
    Hope I can do it!!😊💛🌻

  • Self sabotage is rooted from low self esteem,negative self talk,and negative thoughts and emotions.
    I think we all should value our self positivity and challenge those emotions and thoughts when arises.
    Some practices are meditate, write it out, communicate to people, and have a plan.
    Set goals and move forward.

  • Pahla, my friend, here I am 4 years into the 5-0 method and still tend to do this. I’m finally healed from my cancer surgery that I can get back to my weight loss journey and it’s going really slow. Thank you for this short and to the point reminder…find your thoughts.

  • The tendency to be critical of ourselves and others is common. It occurs to me it is kind of a mental habit. Curiosity is so much more helpful.

  • I just read my email for the get your goal group. It’s very expensive. Why so much money a month.
    You are not making videos anymore and if people want to join group it is expensive. I don’t know if any other instructors charge this much for services. If they do, I apologize.

  • I have so much trouble with this – I’d rather do almost anything other than examine my thoughts! I’ve reached my goal weight & am in maintenance mode, but I’d LOVE to get a handle on my mind. These daily little Pahla bursts are great – I really look forward to them!

  • Everything you say is encouraging and makes so much sense! Perfection is my enemy😁 One day at a time and be kind to myself in the process👍

  • Ma’am I needed this! I’m sitting here having thoughts of sweets; cakes, chocolate bars sodas etc.. then I thought if I start doing that I’ll be right back where I was two weeks ago. I had developed the bad habit of self sabotage after two weeks.

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