October 19

Slimming Down and Toning Up Low Impact Aerobics | LifeFit 360 | Denise Austin


Let's do a retro workout from my Daily Workout TV Show! This Slim Down and Tone Up workout is from my 10-Week Plan – join today for hundreds of my fun, retro workouts:

Complete with workouts, exercise plans, a library of healthy (and tasty) recipes and meal plans – plus all the inspiration to help you get fit, eat right and stay motivated to achieve your goals. Let's get fitter together!

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  • I have missed these so much! I did these everyday and did it this morning. Truly a balanced workout 🙂 are these on LifeFit 360?

  • Oh my gosh I remember and loved these! I’m rediscovering Denise Austin all over again – with the good results I used to always get!

  • YES, just what I was looking for! I used to get up early and do these workouts when they played them on (I think) Lifetime during high school

    • Anyone recall doing this AND the tougher work out w/ the ( I BLV ) Hawaiim guy w dark curly hair, circa 6-7 or 6-8 am in the mid late 80s ? That’s when I first discovered Deneise Austin BEEN doin her workouts & gym ever sjnxe! How about Corey Everson( 6 x outta 6 !) MISS Olympia (!💪😁!) and BodyShaping show in morns mid – late 80s I blv.great workouts also I actually still have D.Austin on VCR tapes n plenty DVDs too!😊love it !

    • @sicilian girl yes, gilad bodies in motion! I started working out at 14 because of these shows. My entree into fitness. 🙏

  • Always loved doing your daily workouts, there are so many more, could you please add them? I miss them! It was such a blessing working out with you somewhere beautiful in the mornings. You added so much joy to my day…my daughters used to work out with me when they were growing up, and because of you they know how to stay healthy and fit. Thank you!

  • She is awesome!! I have followed her since past 18 years and still on it. I have lost 25-30!pounds after my 2 c sections!!Her workouts and inspirational words are the way to go!! I always give entire credit of my health and fitness to Denise!!

    • I have a hernia I believe as a result to my c section and someone told me that I shouldn’t jump anymore and I’m really saddened by it because I love jumping with aerobics so now I’m looking for low impact only 😌

  • I did all your workouts decades ago & I was in the best shape ever. Yesterday I said to my sister the best shape I was in was when I did Denise Austin & this morning I put the tv on & saw a your commercial!! Day One of the Best Me!

  • Omg..i just did 1 of her yoga workouts & thought i was gonna die! Lol But the 30mins went by so fast b’cuz she was moving..& i felt great afterwards! Im going 2 add this one as well. So glad she’s back & i love how girly she is with her routines! No matter how tough they r she keeps it feminine.

  • Denise thank you for giving free videos. I have some of yours on tape. But I enjoy your ones on line.

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