December 28

Ready for RESOLUTIONS? (Prepare NOW to Lose Weight in 2023!)


Download The 5-0 Method NOW, so you're ready on the 1st of January! #shorts


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  • I am as far as I know in remission from stage 4 lung cancer. The treatments, all the steroids, immunotherapy and chemo and severe stress has made me gain 60 pounds. I’m doing my best but the side effects are terrible and I am not the person I used to be. I find that you are so sincere and mean what you say. I’m going to do the simple exercises and take care of my mind as you say and hope this is exactly what I need to stay healthy and get my body slowly back in shape. Carrying the weight has put so much stress on my body too especially breathing and knees and hips. I’ll keep you posted. My elf esteem is non existent because I hate how I look too. It’s very important to loose some weight as this will get me healthier and help in my cancer journey. Thank you.

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