December 27

Snow Shoveling Stretches | Beginners, Seniors


These shoveling stretches for beginners and seniors will help prevent injury after you have cleared mounds of snow from your sidewalks and driveway. The stretches will stretch your shoveling muscles – legs, core, shoulders, back, and arms. Snow shoveling is a real world cardio and strength workout and it’s important to treat it like one. Do a yes2next Warm Up video before starting, take rest breaks, drink water, and do these stretches afterwards.

Here are the stretches:
00:00 Introduction
02:00 Water break!
02:18 Neck Stretches (neck)
02:37 Shoulder Rolls (shoulders)
02:56 Side Reaches (core, back, shoulders and arms)
03:20 Arm/Shoulder Stretch (arms and shoulders
03:53 Arms Open/Close (chest and back)
04:13 Gentle Twist (torso and back)
04:55 Figure 4 Glute stretch
06:05 Hamstring stretch
06:54 Forward fold (back)
07:33 Point/flex and circles (feet, ankles, calves)

Here are some warm up videos and an additional cooldown for lower back pain:
✳️ 10 minute Energizer Warm Up:
✳️ 8-minute Warm Up:
✳️ Lower Back Stretches:

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  • So happy this video no longer applies to me–I moved to Florida two years ago. Also happy to know that you don’t have to shovel either. Love your videos!

  • You folks are a stitch! 😹How you relate to your followers! And you still have those winter coats!?!? How lucky Mochi is he hasn’t experienced snow. We lucked out here in Syracuse, lots of very cold weather but just a few inches of snow…..north of us got clobbered. ⛄❄❆ Blessed New Year to you! 🙏

  • My husband is from back east and sure doesn’t miss snow. I’m a Texas girl and saw very little of it! we lived in Virginia and I saw more than my share! 😂😂 Happy and blessed 2023 ♥️

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