October 19

Natural Body Bootcamp – Cardio Workout | LifeFit360 | Denise Austin


Let's get our cardio on AND burn fat with this cardio workout from my website: It's part of my Natural Body Bootcamp Challenge, and it is great because this video is short and effective!!! A cardio workout for any time of the day. Start your free trial today at to do all my Natural Body Bootcamp workouts!!

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  • OMG me and my 15 year old granddaughter just did this and whew! I am doing WW and I have lost 33 pounds and I have 47 more to go and I need to get some workouts in now! Should have been doing it but my knee wouldn’t let me! Now my knee I could tell I was doing something but YAY I did it! I am 56 and to young to feel so old, but I must say I am feeling better! And I am under 5’2”!

    • I did two of your workouts. I have did another weight training workout. I am going to workout on my stationary bike. I think 🤔 that should be enough. I am 66 years old. I started at 183 pds. I weigh 135.4. I am a diabetic. I would be doing great, but I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet 🦶. You have been an inspiration to me. I feel like I kinda know you and your family. I have been working out with you since I have been in my thirties. I am sooo tired 😴 today. Keep up the good work!!! Gotta go. Love 💕❤️💗and good health always!!!

  • From the first time I gained extra weight until today, Denise Austin’s videos have gotten me to my weight loss goals. While in my second year of college, at age 19, and with all the stress and pressure of college, I had gained an extra 10 pounds….not to mention, I was already a mother. I am now 47 years old and Denise’s videos saw me through from age 19, to my next child birth nearly 9 years later when my son became accustomed to seeing my daughter and I and a living room full of women doing your workouts… I kept up a great weight during that second pregnancy because of her workouts and they were there for me when I encountered that unexpected 30’s something spread. Now she is getting me through my middle years! ….and to boot, now my daughter and I are doing her mother daughter videos! I love you, Denise. You’ll forever be a member of our family!

  • You have changed my life, reduced my depression, where is this video shot, so beautiful, you always go to the most beautiful places! Thank you!!!!

  • your amazing and are saving lives and fighting obesity! and the 10 MINUTES IS EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO IT 3 TIMES A DAY!!!!

  • AWESOME morning workout. Denise I have been working out with you since you were doing morning workouts on Lifetime. 🤗

  • I’m so happy that she’s still working at keeping us fit! I love the good ol’ aerobics method that I grew up with…. I love her fun and upbeat attitude. 😄💖

  • I used to follow her DVDs when I was still on active duty about 19 years ago. I’m amazed how she hasn’t changed a bit!

  • I had very little time for a workout this morning and found this! It was perfect! Got me sweating and energized and still have time to get ready for my event. Thank you, Denise!!!

  • Hi Denise, so glad I started your workouts again, I always remembered you from the 80s and always thought you were positive, you haven’t changed a bit. I still think you are a wonderful person and your videos with your daughter are so cool and fun too. Thanks so much for making these videos free and available, especially with all that is going on right now. You are an inspiration to me, as I try to get back in shape.

  • Love this workout! Perfect for slowly getting back into the routine of daily exercise. Only 10 minutes, but definitely provides a challenge.

  • You are entirely motivating! I’m doing what I can but haven’t made it non-stop – but I will! Thank you 😊

  • Thank you, Denise! I started exercising a little over a month ago and, frankly, overdid it a bit. At first I was taking really long walks at a pretty brisk pace, which was great for cardio and leg strength, but led to a lot of wear and tear on my feet and ankles. My solution? Run sprints instead of taking so many long walks. But those really messed up my knees, so they can only be an occasional part of my regimen. Short cardio vids like these give me low-impact options that can be done anywhere, anytime, and allow me to keep working out while I’m getting over my soreness from longer sessions.

  • Hi Denise, Still love this one! And……It’s easier this year as I read my comment below, lol. I love your short workouts @DeniseAustin and wish you just had a program for my age range (60yrs young) low impact 10, 15 and 20 minute increments with Theraband strengthening or even strengthening with hand weights or without anything like pushups against the kitchen counter, etc. I hope you see my post and think about it as I see you don’t answer the comments. Love and Hugs from Jill in TX♥🌸♥

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