October 19

Daily Workout – Cardio, Abs and Buns | LifeFit 360 | Denise Austin


Join me for 20 minutes of RETRO cardio, abs and buns work! It's part of my DeniseAustin.com membership, where you can find hundreds more of my retro workouts from my Daily Workout and Fit and Lite TV shows: So much fun to go back and re-do these workouts… they are still just as effective today as they were then!!

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  • Denise Austin please remember to post more videos like this one on your YouTube channel please ?

    I really want to see more videos of episodes from your old TV programs on your YouTube channel

  • Hey Denise you are the best of the best. I’ve tried other fitness programs and they are either extremely high impact on my knees or don’t make me sweat. This is just ideal

  • Denise, I used to work out with you every morning for an hour. I started right after I has my baby girl-she’s 18 now! Your workouts motivated me so much. Thanks for posting it ❤

  • Geez Louise, Denise, when did YOU show up on YouTube — and HOW did I miss it? Our technological landscape has changed my fitness habits. Over ten years ago, I had a bunch of your DVDs that were a little out of date then, but your workouts are classic and EFFECTIVE; I eventually transitioned to influencers on YouTube. I thought you retired. Regardless of what people say (when they want to make fun), you are my favorite “cheerleader.” I was trying to make a loaf of bread this morning after it rose 24 hours with the last of the flour and yeast I had (the stores are out). The recipe was terrible and I chucked the unsalvageable dough down the disposal in anger. I was sipping my coffee, cursing a day that is not going to be good, and then lo and behold, I saw this thumbnail. It cheered me right back up. Some things never go out of style. You might actually get me off the couch today and motivate me to BURN some carbs, not just eat them. WELCOME BACK, DENISE! WE LOVE YOU!

  • Wow, this really brings me back! This is the woman who introduced me to exercise about 20 years ago. Thank you, Denise. I loved watching you on Lifetime every morning.

  • If your in your late 40’s early 50’s how could you forget denises outfits on espn 2? She set the bench mark!!

  • I started doing Denise Austin workouts after the birth of my first child in 1991 and I’m still at it. I love seeing the old ones coming back – brings back memories. Always feel good after one of these workouts. Please continue to add.

  • I forgot how awesome and encouraging you are!! I followed your videos when I was a teen and now I’m following again at 51!!

  • I’ve been doing some of these workout videos for the past month & I am noticing my waist is much smaller & my shoulders aren’t that broad anymore! Thank you so much ❤️❤️

  • Thank you Denise. I did that exercise with you years ago! I was in the best shape of my life back then. Really appreciate you sharing them.

  • Thank you for all of the years you have inspired me through both of my pregnancies. From 1980’s to now in 2020. I’m 56 yrs old and have stayed my same weight 110 lbs since High School.

  • Back in the 90’s I couldn’t wait to get up at 6:30 a.m. and work out with Denise so glad I can watch her on you tube. DENISE PLEASE START A NEW WORKOUT SHOW!

  • Hi Denise, I’ve been following you for years, always loved your worked out, still do, before and after I had my 2 boys,I use your workout in combo w/my personal routine. You look amazing, your dedication obviously pays off, I def relate to your commitment to stay fit & healthy. Thank you for sharing your videos & advice & staying out of on line drama. Ps. Love to see you working out with your daughter who looks amazing like you. Stay well much blessings.,💯😷👍🙏

  • So much love for you Denise. You are sunshine to any person but especially a person struggling physically. You make me feel energized.

  • I have always LOVED Denise Austin and her workouts. She is an unproblematic angel and just so encouraging through workouts. I will take these old school workouts over this new stressful stuff people are making these days. She gets straight to the point, it works and she works different muscles I didn’t even know I had. Love ya Denise

  • I love these old episodes of daily workout! I used to do them back when they were on tv. Thank you for sharing on your youtube channel 🙂

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