October 24

Menopause Fitness Questions Answered | Strength Training & Cardio Basics


Menopause Fitness Questions Answered | Strength Training & Cardio Basics Questions I answer in this live:
Why do you hold your weights at an angle instead of parallel (or in line) with each other?
How do you keep strength training from being boring?
How important is protein with strength training?
How much cardio do need to burn fat before I should start doing strength training?

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  • I was working out six days. Only three sets of one exercise. The overall body split over two days. Nothing too strenuous. Maybe I wasn’t getting as much impact if I only worked out the body twice. I am not motivated to work out for 45 minutes so I want to split it up into two 20 minutes sessions. Is this okay?
    I’m afraid to push to a weight of only six repetitions because of possible injury. Will eight or ten reps be okay? Thank you!

  • I walk everyday for more than two months now and am not losing any weights around belly and things. Am a little disappointed. I gain one pound. And all my muscles hurts why? Yes, I stretch before and after walking. And I eat wealthy. Am 56 years old.

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