November 11

It’s Not a GOOD Time to Diet, But It’s the RIGHT Time #shorts


"As I was thinking about putting this video together, I had to laugh at myself as I remembered one of my reasons for not starting a diet. I had convinced myself that dieting was torture. I would then tell myself, “What if you get in an accident tomorrow? It would be terrible to spend your last day on Earth voluntarily torturing yourself by dieting.” I look back at that now and laugh at myself, but at the time, it was a real concern…"

Excerpt from my video: It's Not a GOOD Time to Diet, But It's the RIGHT Time:


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  • Despite knowing very well I can’t control eating uncontrollably and that too all the unhealthy stuff. Feel worse after it….

  • Yes, I have excuses. My father passed away a few months ago and I’ve been waiting for biopsy results. I told myself “of course it’s ok that I cheat or even binge.” I deal with chronic back pain and I blame that. When I’m in more pain, I get depressed and eat….and I don’t mean eating healthy food. I’ll eat leftover Halloween candy. Ugh.

  • I always told myself as long as I could physically do everything I wanted to then my diet was just fine. That worked, right up to the days I could no longer do things I wanted to. Yes, when I was diagnosed with diabetes and told to limit certain foods, I though what fun would life be from then on? Today, almost healed, healthier than I have been in years, and no longer care about food as anything but something I must do occasionally to live life. Enjoy every day you get, our ability to do that in spite of knowing they are limited is a gift and we need to appreciate it.

  • My excuse: When I was “married” to my husband “Food,” he liked that I was overweight. He gave me many gifts of sweets and fatty things. And I loved how Food made me feel (except for the sore joints, labored breathing, foggy mind.) But when I realized that Food was trying to kill me, I divorced him. In the settlement, I gave him back the 65 pounds of fat that I dragged around. Now I’m healthier and I’m even taller now. Yea!

  • In between the yo yo dieting, each holiday carried me to the next: (Insert birthdays Christmas Thanksgiving bbq’s celebrations condolences)…right around the corner!! 🙄

  • When ever I met someone younger, slimmer and fitter with a cast or another injury I told myself : See, all they got from exercise is an injury

  • That was me always with excuses, good hear not alone, better with food as I’m older now and understand more, love all your videos and it helps, thank you

  • My cycle was: I would binge and feel absolutely horrible. That would get me motivated to change, and that motivation latest maybe 2 days, 2.5 if I was lucky. Repeat for decades. Four years ago I figured out how to break the cycle, but I don’t think I’ll ever take it for granted.

    • @Ellie B The most important thing was using an addiction model around sugar. Once I thought of myself as an addict, a sugar addict, everything else started making sense. I’m an addict, and I’ve been sober for almost four years. It doesn’t mean I literally never eat sugar. This summer I had a couple of desserts during my week of vacation, that is it for the year. Some people can manage sugar, just like I can easily manage alcohol, gambling, and I have no desire for a cigarette.. But I can’t do it with sugar, and I think there are a lot of us out there.

  • I am a self confessed sugar addict .. I think I have been making excuses my whole life.. one thought was that I would tell myself that in the scheme of things im not that big😔😳 I realise now that the yo yo dieting has done damage to my body and my mind…I’ve made a deal with myself to start taking care of myself starting with eating healthy. Each time I fail I seem to put on more weight.. I have really had enough now

    I’m writing my 15 reasons to make these changes
    Thankyou dr Becky
    .your videos are so helpful ..inspiring and soothing at the same time..understand the neurological reasons why we binge makes me think about what chain reaction will happen if I eat that treat!! Xxx

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