May 16

Hunger – When to Eat | When to Fast


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The average person’s daily calorie consumption has increased by 24 percent since the 1960s. Many factors contribute to this calorie explosion, from the processing of foods to the three-meal-a-day plus snacks mindset, to external cues that make us want to eat even when we aren’t hungry, think the late-night pizza commercial and the smell of fresh-baked cookies. These extraneous factors make it very hard to tell the difference between true hunger, which is driven by your body’s physiological need for fuel, and false hunger, which is driven by other factors, including habits, routines, whims, and scarcity. Learn how to tell the difference, and you will create an effortless way to cut out hundreds of unneeded calories each day.

This video shares my hunger scale, so you have a tool to help you gauge when to eat and when to fast. I’ll also share the trick for staying in the middle range so you move through your day feeling satisfied.

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  • Dr. Becky is someone I respect! I remember a wise saying ‘ You are what you eat “! I try to binge on nutritious nonsugary foods! He he!

  • My K is high (fear liver issues) and I use quite a bit of sea salt or pink salt so I worry about taking electrolyte supplements. Though really feel I should be as it’s often touted. ???
    Silly side note: my son’s name on the periodic table of elements is
    Argon Iodine Potassium 🙂

  • Awesome explanation of hunger! I am 43 hours into a 72-hour fast a water fast birthday was rough but feeling pretty good this morning. Thank you for all your content and what you do

  • Amazing break down of hunger! 💣💣💣 You know personally as well, DocB, us growing up on phoney foods like cereal, designed to keep you hungry and eating more cereal. 🙄To realize that one WILL NOT DIE easing up on food enough to really discover true hunger and satiation is so important to grasp to even GET STARTED out there…but it is definitely true. 👍👍Ignoring the brain and pressing forward is key!

  • I enjoy you so much. You are so well spoken. Calm, thoughts are well organized and, for me at least, very simple to understand. You help clarify other videos I’ve looked at. I restarted fasting 16/8 for 3 days now and I am only struggling at night still, but I’m going to use this hunger scale. Thank you

  • This is both eye-opening and also confirming (think Aha! moment) as I am on a weight loss journey and am closely paying attention to my hunger signals and what satisfies me and what doesn’t. When I am eating correctly, I can easily do intermittent fasting without experiencing any hunger pangs. Also, thank you for the tip on LMNT and electrolytes.

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