October 19

Getting Fit – Trim and Toned Thighs | LifeFit 360 | DeniseAustin


I just added eight "Getting Fit" workouts to DeniseAustin.com member area:

I have over 150 of my popular TV show workouts to do – so don't wait, get started today with your 30-day free trial to try them all!

The eight Getting Fit Workouts include:

Dance Aerobics and Firm Tummy
Light Weight Workout for Firm Arms, Chest and Shoulders
Hips, Thighs and Buttocks Step Aerobics
Step Aerobics Plus Hips, Thighs and Buttocks
Firm and Toned Buttocks Workout
Fat Burning Tummy Tightener Workout
Trim and Toned Thighs
Waistline Slimmer

These Getting Fit workouts will help you achieve your healthy goals in 2021 and beyond, so give them a try!

This workout is part of the full offerings available right now on DeniseAustin.com!! Start your 7-day FREE trial today:
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  • Denise Austin for the longest time since your last video, I’ve been waiting for another old school Denise Austin exercise TV episode. Like how I used to see them when I was little, and when my mom and I would tune in at the time to watch your TV programs and do our exercises with you.

    But anyway you finally posted another memorable Denise Austin exercise TV episode, thank you very much. You are so generous to your fans, and as long as you keep listening to your fans such as myself. We hope to see more old-school Denise Austin exercise TV episodes on your YouTube channel.

    You are truly America’s number one and favorite Fitness expert, Fitness author and fitness teacher. And to myself and the other fans we love you❤

  • Thank you Denise! This is one of my favorites, I have it recorded and do it often. I like the song “I’m still falling for you” it sounds like Sammy Hagar. Does anyone know if it’s a studio song for the show?

  • I would love if you could post your old Daily workout and Fit and lite videos ! They were my daily workout routine for years ❤️

  • Thank you, Denise! ❤️ I’ve been following your workout since I was a kid. I’m happy I stumbled upon your workout videos on You Tube.

  • Uuuufff ya llovió,estaba recién casado,y mi esposa se aventaba la rutina antes de ir a trabajar 26 años después estamos aún fuertes y podérosos,ahora crosfit,y bjj,saludos grandes x motivarnos.

  • I’ve been doing the toning video since my son was born. Yes 25 years ago! Denise please upload it in good quality. It’s here in Youtube but is very low quality. I still own the vhs🤣

  • I actually got emotional watching this! Denise was my “personal trainer”back in the 90’s after I had my first child. I stuck with her, and I was in great shape! I’m glad I have found her once again here on YouTube. I’m a lot older now, but Denise is giving me the motivation and inspiration to get fit!

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