March 29

Gentle Low Impact All-in-One Exercises for Seniors | 30 min | No equipment needed


Welcome to a 30 minute gentle exercise workout created for seniors and beginners in mind. These exercises are ideal for beginners, or for anyone with medical issues and who needs to exercise at a slower pace (COPD, arthritis, Parkinson's). If you're feeling sluggish, give this a try! We'll be covering all of the important aspects of fitness in this all-in-one workout (warm-up, balance, posture, strength, cardio and stretching). You'll be surprised by how moderate exercise can boost your energy instead of depleting it. If you follow at my pace, the final step count is 1337 steps. You won't need any equipment today (other than a chair).

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Warm-up & cardio
15:30 Strength & balance
23:30 Posture
25:45 Stretching
30:45 Ending words

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Links to the gentle all-in-one workouts:

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  • I was terrified! Half an hour at my current health. I’m not going to make it! But I always watch the whole video for statistics out of sympathy for the coach.
    Then I started to exercise. I thought I would just do a warm-up. But it turned out that the workout is very easy and not tiring.
    It is a little more difficult to lift the leg with weights.
    I practice 1 hour of balance every day, but I didn’t think to include weights in it. You also suggested squats very easy.
    You are right there are problems with coordination of movements, which makes me nervous.
    The whole session went by in no time. Thank you, Jules.💛

    • I’m glad to read the workout was more manageable than you thought it would be:) When I create the gentle workouts, they are designed to be gentle. I try my best to create 3 levels…gentle, beginner and intermediate. You can also find them categorized in the playlists and on my website to help you find the ones that suit what you are looking for that day. I hope that helps.

  • Bless you once again for a wonderful workout. Your kind and caring attitude is so motivational to me to keep working out at my own pace! I’m 70 and want to stay fit and strong the rest of my days. 💪

    • Thank you for letting me know that these work well for you, Leslie. I definitely appreciate knowing that they are manageable for someone with chronic fatigue.

  • I love these lower, slower videos. You can Amp them up or just keep the pace. Thanks for all you do to help us improve our health! ❤😅🎉

  • Thanks for the Wednesday upload for us. I really do enjoy doing the gentle workouts going slower to concentrate on the muscles more. Now I have my stress levels taken care of before doing our taxes. 😅

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