February 22

Fun Cardio & Toning Workout for Seniors & Beginners! Low Impact Aerobic Exercise & Strength


Thank you for joining me for this fun cardio and toning workout! If you like my walking workouts, you will love this one as well! The use of a small ball is optional!
We will work the entire body and all exercises are easy to follow and low impact. This workout is appropriate for all ages including beginners and seniors, and is an excellent way to increase your heart rate. This full body workout is choreographed by alternating the exercises with the songs. The first song will be all cardio movements, and the next song will focus on toning. After several rounds of this, the workout concludes on the floor / mat with more toning exercises including abs and finishing with stretches.
This aerobic and strengthening workout is 30 minutes and is set to the music so it keeps us moving at an achievable pace. You may always go at your own pace if the music is too fast for you.
I'm using a 9inch mini ball for this workout. The ball is optional and you can do all the exercises without one. You can also use a different ball, a small pillow or a rolled up towel. The mini ball is my favorite prop because it adds a playful element to the workout and helps up keep proper form!

Let me know what you think in the comments, I love to hear how you are enjoying my workouts!

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My music is from Epidemic Sound

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  • Perfect! Just got my carpal tunnel stitches out yesterday so using the ball worked out well. Just had to modify bird-dog a bit as I still can’t put pressure on my right wrist. But otherwise exactly what I needed! Thanks, Lauren!

  • I have Covid right now and I feel like a truck ran me over, but I will be easing back into exercise with some of your workouts for sure! This one looks good!!

  • Great workout for me..hands- leg coordination made my brain busy & I felt really good after. Nice matching music too! .Been doing yoga but I always keep a look out for cardio fun with you.. Especially the olderbsalsa routine video.. Keep it up.. God bless you 😌🙏

  • Fun and some challenging…love ball workout great routine…ball can be a run-away ..lol 😅February 20 – as always thankyou 🙏

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