February 22

WHY we exercise (it’s not for weight loss!)


We exercise to have a good connection with ourselves and with our body. Learn more about how to lose weight with The 5-0 Method:


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  • Oh yeah thats a great point and from that perspective its an important aspect of self care and really giving yourself attention

  • This is beautiful! I often say that I exercise 100% for my mental health; and all the other benefits r bonus. But I love this idea that I exercise to connect with myself! I am gonna add that to my self-talk. U r right: as a society, we understand the importance of connecting with others. This is a good reminder that the connection with ourselves in equally important: thank u!

  • I workout to feel good & especially lately as my 17 yr old son affecting my health with his foolish behavior & I been feeling burnt out, even when I workout it’s hard at times & my mind is think about everything, but I feel better when done, I got me healing crystals to help me too & it does🥰💗💗💗

  • Burn off the crazy… oh, yes! 😂 But also I find the mind-body connection value so much… while burning off the crazy! 😉💜

  • I’m so glad you addressed this. I’ve never been successful at losing weight with exercise. My diet has helped me loose weight. I love exercising when I can fit it in. It helps me manage stress and feel good.

  • So true, if I dont exercise I feel that my day cant go by. Exercising every morning makes me energetic and full of life.. Great advice my dear♥️

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