June 7

Fabulous50s Ageless Activewear


The day we've been eagerly waiting for is here! 🎉

Our Ageless Activewear collection, a celebration of all bodies and beauties, is live and ready to make you feel fabulous during your workouts


✅Slimming, Stylish, Comfortable ✨
✅Designed to enhance your curves and disguise the bits that you're working on 💪
✅Created for Women Over 50 💃
✅ Sustainable, Made for life not landfill 🌍
😍 Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!

Available from JUNE 7 – 10, 202


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  • I’m from Melbourne & it’s winter , raining & cold.
    Love your active wear .
    Will definitely buy some , they look flattering for my body .❤

  • 💖😎Florida, USA
    I lived in UK as well. Always enjoyed your over 50 health videos, especially your Am exercises-I guess I’ve been following many years now. 🙏🏻thank you. It’s been helpful like a Betsy girlfriend on YouTube without the drama 😆
    -we play lotta sports here, tennis pickle ball, swimming gym interchangeable in one day /clothing would be ideal for /versatile. Sun protection Keep us dry and cool in humid conditions
    All the best. You look beautiful – amazing and very inspirational. Keep going.

  • I’m from England! It’s hot there I believe but I’m currently on holiday in Spain where, at the moment, the weather isn’t brilliant 😂😂! I’m excited for your activewear xx

  • Schelley you are a lovely human being, so kind, heartfelt, sweet & caring. Everything that REALLY matters in a person. You are beautiful inside & out!

    Where can we view your collection of active wear? I appreciate you Not being involved in “Fast Fashion” which is more often than not involved in “Slave Labor ” practices, & also inferior quality as well.

    Keep being you! You’re a Wonderful breath of fresh air! You Radiate High Vibes!

    It’s overcast & cool for this time of year where I am, but I like it! I Can’t Stand the heat anymore since going through menopause with all of the hot flashes! I used to be a “Summer Girl” baking in the sun for hrs, (wish I could take That back!!!) Hoping for more of these cooler temps for as long as possible before it gets really hot!!!

  • I’m from Hungary, originally German. We had unusually cold springtime and it rains on end..in summer up to 40 degrees C.

  • I am from Michigan, USA. I am recovering from a fractured knee but I do what I can to continue working with you!..

  • Hi, I am from Guatemala Central América right now we have a hit weather and hopping soon it will get more cool because it will start to rain.
    I have many years following you and I have done all your exercise videos. Have a nice day ❤❤❤❤

  • Hi I’m going into summer as I live in New York, USA and I’m excited to go onto the website for your activewear and shop. Thank you for going sustainable our footprint on this earth is so important and you are helping in every way. Thank you

  • Hello from Massachusetts, in the United States of America, we are into spring weather has been great here! Heading towards summer! Activewear looks awesome! Love the design!❤

  • Hello 👋 I’m in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 We are in spring/summer depending on the day lol. I love your videos and will check out your clothes 😊 Thank you 🥰

  • I’m in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Wishing you lots of good luck with your new active wear! Cloudy, dark day here.

  • I’m from Massachusetts, in the northeastern part of the USA. We’ve had a beautiful spring – now going into summer and I’m looking forward to headed to the beaches for the season. 😎

  • Hi there, I am from the U.S. weather here in the Pacific NW is gorgeous!! I have been waiting to get your activewear for a long time! I have 3 in my shopping cart ready to hit buy in 30 mins after I do one of your videos with my cousin!! Sooo excited! LOVE your videos!

  • I’m in the US, Michigan! Summer here about 80 degrees F🥰 Looking forward to getting a few pieces today. Missed out last offering. thank you!❤️🙏

  • Denmark and it is summer 🌞🌻 Doing your workouts every morning now and just loving the energy you give🙏❤️ Want to order some of your outfits too🤗 Hope you ship to DK🙏

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