June 7

Does LATE NIGHT SNACKING sabotage weight loss?


Not necessarily. Pay attention to your calorie target, of course, but also to whether or not your snacking keeps you awake past your bedtime!


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  • hey! do you have any tips for weight gain? ive struggled with a too-high metabolism since i hit puberty and have been severely underweight since then, including during pregnancy (im sure you can guess how that went — babys here and safe tho!) Whenever i try to look it up or make changes it never works; I’ve chugged protien shakes on the daily while force feeding myself more than i could physically handle, ive taken medications to make me hungrier so i could keep eating, ive put myself in pain to eat beef (red meat allergy) in large quantities to try and gain even a bit and NOTHING works.

    also, yes, ive been tested time and time again — its not my hormones or lymph nodes or anything in my brain, just bad biology at this point thats winning out over everything else. i rlly need advice from someone who might know their stuff!

  • I do think late night snacking could mess with a good sleep. If I go to bed just a bit hungry I always sleep better.

  • i’d even add that the stress of telling yourself that you’re “sabotaging your weight loss” may bring on more cortisol release–which can make weight loss harder to achieve. but what do i know? I’m a nighttime eater lol

  • I sometimes wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning starving. I cannot sleep if i am not hungry. So i find myself getting up and eating breakfast. Then, because i am not hungry any more, i get tired and go back to sleep. I find myself frustated because i have broken up my sleeping and generally get too much sleep on these days. I am hoping that your book will give me the tools to work through this nasty habit.

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