May 7

Ep. 286: Top Five Weight Loss Questions


You have questions about weight loss over 50, and on this week’s episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, I’ve got the answers!

I’ve been studying weight loss for over ten years and really paying attention to the questions you have – especially when you first get started on your journey. It feels difficult to navigate all your choices, and unbelievable that others have had success with such a counterintuitive plan.

You want to get everything right, so you can stop gaining this menopausal weight and start losing. But it’s confusing to figure out what to do or where to go for credible information.

The wonderful truth of it all is that even the most complex questions have a simple answer.

On today’s empowering episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, we’re exploring calorie apps, chatting about whether or not to eat junk food, and deciding what to count as water, with science-based answers and the mindset shifts that will help you move forward with confidence.

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  • Hi Pahla! Thank you for all your great advice! Miss your new workouts! I think Ive done all of them!!! Love,Loren🥰🥰

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