January 19

Denise Austin’s “Give Me 5” For Your Legs | 5-Minutes


Welcome to an all new workout series for 2023: "Give Me 5!" Every month you will get a new workout that is quick but effective and will help get you fit throughout the year!!! This series is all about taking time when you have it to get a little extra movement in. Give me 5 minutes – that's all you need! Every little bit of movement you can sneak in throughout the day adds up and makes a difference!

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  • omgggg denise austin!! you’re one of the OGs! i’m 35 now and i used to do your workouts on VCD/DVD w my mom when i was a teen. it’s so good to see that you’re still active! thank you for helping me kickstart my lifelong fitness journey!! so glad youtube suggested this video to me! take care and God bless!

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