January 20

These workouts are TERRIBLE for weight loss (are you making this mistake?)


Physical therapy is the only thing you should be doing if you have injuries. More advice when you download the 5-0 method at pahlabfitness.com


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  • I’m in a constant state of inflammation. Fibromyalgia.. bursitis.. torn rotator cuff. That would mean I should never exercise. I do much gentler movement now.. but it’s frustrating.

  • Of course if one’s body is injured, don’t exercise. If I don’t work up a sweat during my aerobic exercise, it doesn’t do anything for me.

  • I hear you no more push through the pain. Now I try to take it easy and ease back in not just jump into a full blast crazy workout class at the gym. Thanks for confirming this🥰

  • Preoccupation with weight loss can’t be good for you either. Why do youtube health gurus all seem so obsessed with themselves? Is that really healthy or something to aspire to? We were created to be more than just preoccupied with body weight. Do we really need to be taught how to love ourselves more? It’s quite sad and pathetic.

    • Well, she’s trying to help women over 50 lose weight, that’s quite obvious. If that’s not you or you feel there is a reason women shouldn’t be trying to lose weight then why are you watching this channel? Honest question.

    • ​@Gail Thayer I think I’m just bitter because I have failed at the whole dieting thing and all it left me with was an eating disorder but I did lose 60 pounds! What women don’t realise is that the ugly truth about weightloss is that in order to maintain it, you must be a slave to it. I watch these types of videos almost as a research project. I have noticed that so many of these gurus have disordered behaviours and lifestyles and are trying to teach others to be the same way. Very concerning for girls and women of every age. Time to speak the truth to these lies. Eat well, be active. That’s it. Make peace with yourself, stop the battle.

    • Jules at Improved Health creates complete workouts. She comes out with a new workout twice a week and the music to so great that they are repeatable workouts for me. For me…her workouts meet me where I am right now with my personal overall well-being.

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