November 29

Chronic Symptoms that Won’t Resolve? Can’t Get A Diagnosis?


Have you accepted your chronic symptoms as your “normal” simply because there were no answers when you sought help? Let’s put an end to that right now! One of the reasons I so often hear, “what I used to do that worked doesn’t work any more” is not just a shift in hormones, it’s that some chronic symptoms you may have settled for are causing a domino effect on your health otherwise.

It may be that something is interfering with your ability to absorb the nutrients you’re eating, or to supply your body with the necessary energy it needs for repair from exercise. In fact, if any of those are happening, you’ll soon after exercise begin regularly feeling drained instead of energetic even if you’re working with me on the right formula for you in midlife. If that hits home, this is for you.

If you struggle with chronic symptoms and can’t get any REAL answers, get ready because Monica Hershaft is here and we are going to talk about why you can have normal labs when you feel so sick and why nothing you try has worked to get rid of those mystery symptoms! Please welcome best selling author, speaker and healer, Monica Hershaft!

My Guest:

Monica Hershaft is a holistic health practitioner specializing in Chronic Mystery Illness. She is certified in NRT, a holistic technique that identifies what’s interfering with the body’s normal function and hidden blocks to healing. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, she runs a wellness center working 1:1 with patients and is a frequent guest health expert making appearances on numerous shows and podcasts. Monica is not just a healer, but she is someone who went through this herself and she knows exactly how you feel, how it impacts your life and how to help you.

Questions we answer in this episode:

Monica, tell us a little about your story and how you got sick and what you went through?

I know you talk about the “5 layers of disease”…can you explain how and why a person starts to feel symptoms or get sick?

Why do the doctors tell you nothing is wrong when you feel so sick and have chronic symptoms interfering with your life?

What are these "blocks to healing" that you talk about and how does this happen to someone?

What is a "blanket diagnosis" and what is REALLY causing those symptoms?

I’m curious about who you treat, is it mostly women, even split – we’ve recently had an episode (I’ll link to it) discussing how women often don’t advocate for themselves, and don’t get second opinions, accepting feeling either less than 100% or the first treatment suggestion they get… so who do you see .. and how bad does it have to get before they find you?

What chronic symptoms do you find women sweep under the rug?

Don’t miss the last question I asked… where she asked you listeners

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No matter where you are in the world, she offers 1-on-1 here in Scottsdale, and also an online program to serve those who can’t come to her.

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