October 19

Beginner’s Guide: Recumbent Bike


The recumbent bike is a terrific low-impact, joint-friendly cardio workout for older adults. Get instructions: .

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  • I like this for cardio because I can jump right in with no warmup. I crank it to 17 (max is 21) and go hard af for 15 minutes. I’m always sweaty, and hit 4.2-4.5 miles consistently, with gradual increases.

  • I prefer this bike than the other stationery cycle because of the back support and the seat is more comfortable.

  • I use this at my gym as it’s better for my back since I had surgery. My only issue is… I slip forward and am constantly slipping forward on the seat. What do I do? Bear in mind it’s at the gym and not my equipment. It has an adjustment to move the seat nearer or further but not to deep the actual seat. Any suggestions on how I can stick my butt to it are welcome? 😀

    • Place a towel at the seat (a medium sized one that isn’t too thick but has a rough texture). That way it’ll grip the seat and keep you in place

    • I know what you mean. The one at my gym has the seat sort of facing downwards. I always feel like I’m slipping. I sit on a towel. It helps 🙂

  • I am very deconditioned with severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome so I am buying one of these recumbent models. (Esp with hip bursitis and daily ankle swell/pain) thanks for tips and mentioning it’s easy on joints!

    • I have fibro too. I love the recumbent bike. I recommend looking into CBDistillery brand CBD oil (I like broad spectrum) it has 0 thc. It makes it so I can walk my dog 30 minutes a day, get done all my errands, do all the housework. Sadly not enough to hold a job but gives me much more function!

  • My local gym has recumbents and they’ve been great training for XC mountain bike racing. I do intervals on them, but I actually set my seat a little closer to the bars than normal so that I can lean forward with my head looking down at my knees during the periods of intense effort. This simulates the attack position on a mountain bike during hard sprints where riders get low to maximize power on the pedals and to increase aero efficiency.

    The bikes my gym uses has a LCD display where I can go on “virtual rides” around various places in France. The resistance automatically changes depending on the incline. After a 1 mile warmup, I start alternating between 1 full mile at 70-80% effort, then a recover mile at 50-60%. I repeat this for the 1 hr workout duration set by the bike, followed by a short cool down segment where the bike automatically reduces resistance to beginner levels.

    It’s a brutal workout — especially on the quadriceps — but it completely transformed my climbing game out on the trails.

    • Mind me asking if recumbant bikes are friendly to people with low back arthritis. Is the seating position comfortable given that your legs are out in front.

  • Are they supposed to be very hard to pedal? On the first setting mine is easy, third is very very hard and forget about anything higher.

  • I just bought a recumbent bike. No more gym membership, my family is slowly building our own gym at home and it’s so exciting!

  • Hello. Thank you for the video. I have question that maybe you can help with. Do have a never used but older model Nortictrack recumbent bike. I have been looking for online classes for recumbent bike users only but I only find spin bike classes. Maybe I am just not finding the right places but really like if a YouTube channel would offer recumbent bike classes. Plus using hand weights/resistance bands for upper body workout while riding our bikes. Just a thought but would appreciate some feedback. Thanks for your time! Jessica

  • I just added a Recumbent Bike to my home gym and I LOVVVVVVE it! Wish I’d known how much I’d love it years ago! I don’t dread exercise using it and along with eating clean, I’m dropping weight so easily!

  • I just purchased one today and expect it to be installed on Friday. Disabled veteran here who put on weight during covid and also got high blood pressure at that time. Now I am going to fight it.

  • I have an issue with the seat on mine. It causes pressure on a place where you don’t want it! I am going to try sitting on a donut cushion. They should make a split seat like cyclists use.

  • This was really helpful thanks! I was worried about my seat distance being too close or too far. This bike is great for me because I tore my hip labrum and I’m having foot pain from lots of walking. The only down side to it is you aren’t supporting your core because it’s recumbent. So probably best to combine this one with other types of bikes or cardio equipment if you’re able.

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