September 11

Barre Workout for Beginners & Seniors // Full Body at home exercises with light Weights


Welcome to this fun at home barre class! No ballet experience required, but you will look and feel like a dancer with these lengthening and muscle toning moves! This barre workout works the entire body and all exercises are low impact.
After the warm up we will perform exercises for the lower body at the barre (grab a chair), then move to the upper body using a light set of hand weights. I'm using two 3lb dumbbells, or 1-2kgs.
This workout is completed on the floor to strengthen our abdominals and finish with great stretches. Make sure you finish the video with the stretches to reduce soreness, lengthen the muscles and improve flexibility.
Thank you for working out with me!

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  • Wow, loved, loved,loved this workout Lauren. I am 69 years old.I workout with your videos 5 to 6 days a week. Thank you Lauren. I am a stronger person because of you. I am able to get on the floor to play with my new grand baby,also able to carry her around easily.

  • Thankyou Lauren you said this was an amazing class and you certainly where right loved it worked every part of the body and it was nice to dream being a ballet dancer looking forward to tomorrows class 🙋❤️

  • I concur with Linda, WOW! This total body workout was amazing and I feel stretched out and more flexible for the day. As always, thank you. Oh, one thing I have been wanting to say is how much I appreciate you explaining how to push our lower back to the mat while doing core. All of my life in the gym I couldn’t do core on the floor, it hurt my back, now I know why. XO 💙

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