February 6

6 Things You Can Do in Under a Minute to Boost Weight Loss [No Exercise Required]


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When you get motivated to improve your health or lose weight, you want to do something to speed things along. Exercise is a common thing that we increase and a wonderful thing to do, but if you go at it too hard or try relying on it solely, your journey may be harder than it has to be.

Here are six one-minute activities you can do daily to make getting to your weight loss goal easier, more enjoyable, and more effective.

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  • Why did you choose to write 125lbs in the pink slip over the scale? That is the weight I was at 14 yrs old. Please don’t make such a striking, visual impossibility present because it imprints an unrealistic goal into weaker and more impressionable minds.

    Remember you talk fast, in a very lecture way – I like it and get it- and that pink slip is still present as the only bold image I saw in addition to your visuals- so fast! (And the red X over wrong food choices.)

    Have you considered slowing down a bit?

    That is why I do not subscribe but watch those videos that I believe are relevant for me.

    But keep at it, Doctor- you are otherwise excellent.

    • She doesn’t talk fast at all though,. but if she does for you, there is a setting so you can slow the video down. Also she probably wrote down her own weight and she is a small petit woman. I am 1.78 cm high and so i would look like someone who hasn’t had dinner in 2 years. It’s just a number. Wishing you a good day

  • Thank you for this it’s amazing 👏🏾 I took a look at myself in the mirror before listening to your video and said to myself I love you and my lips are a nice color without lipstick, and I thanked God for blessing me to be me.
    I will put my ideal weight on my scale but for me it’s about building muscle, getting stronger and just being happier with the way I feel .
    Thank you for being so inspiring 💗

  • Thank you, learn how to cook, learn cooking techniques, techniques is different from learning recipes!!!! I cook three different meals in one hour to eat for a week! Don’t cook daily, cook once or twice for a week! Cook in bulk! 👍🏻

  • Great video! ❤
    I used your link to get the free sample pack of LMNT so thank you! I bought the Watermelon flavor and it’s good but I am blown away at how delicious the Citrus salt is! It’s so nice to be able to try all of the flavors. I’ve been drinking one stick per day in 32 oz. of water. You really do get used to the saltiness after several days and I feel great with it and Keto which I started on Jan 3rd. 😊❤👍💕😃

  • Spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles are my favorite. I prepare my own pasta sauce as well. Instead of potatoes or rice, I prepare cauliflower mashed and rice, and for the mashed, I sometimes add mashed broccoli. I also prepare zucchini fries. Thank you.

  • I’ve been folowing Dr. Becky for a year now and if you listen to her, I PROMISE you will be glad you did! Being educated by her has changed my life and is now changing my husband’s life.

  • I had a double hip implant two years ago. I found you while in rehab and I still find your knowledge and kindness invaluable. Thank you doctor!

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