November 24

500 Calorie Alternate Day Fasting Meal | Mexican Shredded Beef Bowl #shorts


"When you are looking at this one meal a day way of eating, a 500 calorie meal is not a tremendous amount of food. However, you can make it feel bigger by combining high volume, low-calorie vegetables with foods that provide a good amount of fat and protein. This combination will digest slowly, so hunger stays away longer. It will also keep your blood sugar level steady, which prevents hard-to-control cravings later in the day.

This Mexican Shredded Beef Bowl has those hunger-satisfying elements, and I will mention that I will be sharing the ingredients and directions in this video, but if you’d like to download the recipe, you can do so on my blog, which I will point you to. The recipe serves four, but the downloadable version allows you to reduce the servings if you want to reduce leftovers."

Watch the full video:
Download the recipe:


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