October 19

5 Stretches Seniors Should Do Everyday


Did you know that maintaining good flexibility is an essential part of life and that it is very important to implement different stretches into our daily routines? The nice thing about stretching is that it can be done anytime, and anywhere!

Here at SilverSneakers we like to set specific times in our daily schedules to help keep us accountable. Watch this video to find head to toe stretches for you to perform every day.

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  • This is doable… I suffer with chronic pain, due to arthritis. Everyday is a challenge, but gotta keep moving!!!

    • Try give up eating wheat and see what happens after a while. Google foods, including vegetables, that cause inflammation in the body. Sugar is a major culprit. Peas, onions, red cabbage all are high in sugar content. Give them a miss. Same with fruit – very high in sugar content.

      Try moving over to a carnivore, low carb diet, leaving out foods that cause inflammation.

      I’ve addressed my arthritic problems this way with great success.

    • Hi @Allison Farah I’m actually on WW, which have wonderful recipes… Thanks for the heads up though., appreciate your input!

  • Love your workouts! Great way to get back into “working out” when you’ve had to curtail your workouts due to health conditions.

  • These stretches worked wonders for me because I did not feel like moving “AT ALL” the stretches were easy and fun. I loved them a must try!

  • These stretches are a God send! Diagnosed with COPD been looking for exercises I can do easily at home to get going & keep moving…Thank you so much

  • This is my daily “go to” warm-up workout whenever I cannot tune into the live classes on Silver Sneakers. I have benefited greatly from doing this every day. It is the only physical fitness program I have ever stuck with. Thank you!

  • Thanks for your help…it means a lot to do these with someone…more. Successes to you and the entire group…you are helping the elderlies..

  • Great compliment to the live classes, really like these longer held positions for relaxation! 😊

  • I just found this and I started doing this stretches and hopefully I do them every day because I am really really out of shape and hurting a lot especially my knees. Thank you so much for this video.

  • I have a lot of shoulder pain and I knew exercise would help but I just didn’t do it. Just sat with the heating pad. I ran across your video this morning and did the exercises with you and WOW! My shoulder doesn’t hurt! I can’t believe it! I will be back. Thank you!

  • Just started today. The stretches are great,I know these will help me and doable. Thank you so much. Will do it everyday.❤️

  • I love how you say right and left and we can mirror.😊. I get confused when some instructors don’t mirror their commands, but do the opposite.

  • I like to see seniors in good shape giving wellness classes on work outs & stretches. Then I know it’s not a do now, repent at leisure!? In our youth much can be done, & over-done, that one then pays for in their senior years. Exercise is important, but we must be stable and able to exercise through out our lives. Thank you for the work out!! I’m in2 wellness BIG time, and always ready for a sensible work out or stretch. Namaste & Ushta-te!!

  • I really like your teaching style. I WAS going to the recreation center for Silver Sneakers; but, the class got so full that it was difficult to move around. I can now just cast the workouts to my television. I really need these stretches.

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