April 18

5 Minute Kitchen Counter Workout | Simple Exercises for Seniors


This 5 minute kitchen counter workout will build strength without fancy equipment .Get improved health with these simple exercises for seniors and beginners! Incorporate these 7 moves while you cook!

00:00 Introduction
00:39 Warm Up
01:20 Plank with arm challenge
02:06 Push Up
02:38 Mini Squat
03:08 Side Leg Lift
04:04 Back Leg Lift
05:14 Balance Knee Ups
06:02 Heel Raises
06:38 Cooldown

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  • I love this! I’m hoping to trying it while preparing breakfast tomorrow. (I thought Mochi was going to jump up near the sink for a moment there! 😄)

  • Love this! The 2 of you are so delightful! I’m hoping my daughter will find time to work out with me, especially when I’m older! ❤

  • This was fun, easy, and a nice stretch. I like that it was quick but I could easily do this a few times a day. Like so many seniors, surgery and illness has taken a physical and mental toll and having something so quick do to in the kitchen there are no excuses. It can only lead to more strength and stamina to move on to gradually more strenuous exercises. Well done! Also, get Mochi to do a few of these too 😃

  • Love the workout but Mochi 🐾 was the ⭐ of the show❤️🤣. Gotta love those furr babies 🐈❤️🐾

  • Love watching you and your mum she’s so sweet I try to keep up with the exercises but I’m not always successful but I do keep trying

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