April 26

5-Minute Arm Workout With Weights To Get Rid of Flabby Arms!


Are you looking to get rid of flabby arms and arm fat and tone your biceps, triceps, and shoulders? Join us for a quick and effective 5-minute toned arm workout that's perfect for beginners, women over 50, and anyone looking for a doable yet challenging micro-workout. With five simple exercises using 2-pound dumbbells, you'll feel the burn and see results in no time. Get ready to sculpt your arms and banish those flabby arms for good! #fabulous50s #armworkout #5minute

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30 Minute FAT BURNING Walking Workout | Get Fit LOSE WEIGHT Low Impact!
30 Minute 5000 STEPS Indoor Walking Workout For Women Over 50!



**Disclaimer: Information provided in this video is of a general nature only and is for entertainment/educational purposes. We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Performing any of these exercises is done so at your own risk.

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  • Great video. The timing of each exercise is perfect. Thank you so much for making it. Will be trying to do this each day.

  • Good Morning it’s 7AM EST in Florida, love this, I do several arm videos a day😍working out with Buddy are my favorite 🐾have a fantastic day.

  • I started out with weights and then put them down and just did the movement and my arms were feeling it. great workout.

  • Quick question….when I do the arm exercises and I suppose to really be gripping the dumbbell? I never feel the back of my arm burn….. Thank you for all you do for us. Plus love it when you post the time, and list what equipment we will need at the beginning. THANK YOU>

  • Thank you, will use some of these movements with my students, we use weights before we start yoga in my yoga classes! 🎉

  • Whew! My shoulders are on fire! I love the uniqueness of the moves, keeps it fun! Always love your selection of music, too! Have a beautiful day, Schellea!

  • Still doing my arm excersises 5/6 times a week
    Summer is almost upon us and my arms are ready toned and defined.
    Bought perfectly fitted flattering sleeveles tops for
    summer in every colour.
    Wear them also under blazers
    Hadn’t worn sleeveless tops and dresses for years.
    Now at 70 rocking them
    All thanks to u Schellea
    Legs also toned and slim
    Just my tummy!
    I eat far too much fruit
    Eat very healthily no refined sugar plenty fruit veges chicken and fish
    My weekness too much healthy fruit
    I know exactly what to do and cut down easier said than done
    Do any other fabulous 50’s eat large portions of fruit daily
    BTW my annual blood tests show perfect results so till then will continue to eat my fruit lol!

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