May 2

30 Minute Strength Training for Seniors | Beginner Strength Workout


Build muscle with this 30 minute strength training for seniors and beginners. This beginner strength workout consists of 3 sets of 4 exercises in 40 second rounds to enable you to work at your own pace. Just starting out? Don’t use any weights and get the moves down. Add weights when you’re ready. Use dumbbells, but water bottles, cans, bags of beans, or anything that’s easy to hold will do.

Growing older doesn’t mean you have to get weaker. The term “use it or lose it” applies to muscle strength and bone density that decreases as we age. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, studies at Tufts University have shown that strength training is one of the best ways to fight the weakness and frailty that can come with age. Done regularly, strength training builds bone and muscle and helps to preserve strength, independence, and energy.

So let’s build muscle and stay mobile, independent, and strong.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Warm Up
03:20 Exercise Set 1
12:42 Exercise Set 2
22:07 Exercise Set 3
30:23 Cooldown

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  • Good morning 😊
    I love all the different exercises you put together for us – It never gets boring and it is so much fun to join in with you and your dear mom!!
    Thank you so much 💚💚

  • This looks a very good routine, but at the moment I’m not able to do it as I’m having to do little or very low impact arms. Been like this for the last 2 weeks and likely to be the same for the next 2 week. I’m choosing your routines where I can take out the arms altogether, or minimal very low impact arms. I’ll get there and hope to be back doing full arms very soon. Thank you both for all the good routines that you put together for us all. We love them and we love you both and Mochi. XX💜

  • I want to let Aiko know that she is definitely not the only one working to get the opposite-arm-opposite-leg exercises right! 😉At 71, I have to really concentrate to finally do them, usually with a lot of laughter. 😂I found your videos 6 months ago and LOVE them! You are both my inspiration to just Get It Done!

  • So good to hear Aiko is noticing a difference in her movements. I am also getting stronger.
    Love the workouts. A new workout from you guys always feels like a surprise gift!

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