January 9

3 Tips to Help Women Over 50 Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


3 Tips to Help Women Over 50 Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
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Dy Ann is not a doctor. This advice is from her own personal experience with Intermittent Fasting and from the women in this community who have taken her course. Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

Dy Ann is a Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, PN1, a certified Running Coach, and a MindSet Coach for Today’s Aging Woman

I look forward to fasting long, feasting well & training smart with you.

Dy 💕


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  • Love using the exit strategy. Worked well for both Christmas and then again New Year’s. I chose not to treat the holiday as the entire week.

  • Nice & polished presentation. I was concerned about the new format. The new format is good as a timesaver – which is good for a busy life. The old format was nice to see who all was joining and commenting on your message. I like the new format and once in a while maybe have a monthly or quarterly live call where people can ask questions.

  • A bit of planning goes a long way – it’s true that a holiday like Christmas is just one day but I also like to think of it as one special meal. The whole day is not a free-for-all! I enjoyed my Christmas lunch so much more this year because I fasted right up until the moment I took that first bite. I enjoyed the meal but didn’t have the discomfort of overeating because I hadn’t been eating all day. I try to apply this principle to all important celebration events in my life – it’s one celebration meal, not a whole day of eating everything in sight.

  • Dy Ann, thanks for sharing these golden nuggets❤ Your previous message…”Permission without punishment and having an exit strategy” really helped me enjoy the holiday season, AND I continued to lose weight because I had a solid exit strategy in place — It was truly a game changer for me! In the past, I would typically gain weight during the holiday season (Oct-Dec), but NOT this year. As a result, I feel great coming into the new year 🙌💕

  • Great tips! I used #3 a couple weeks ago. Went to a one year olds birthday party. It was outside my feasting window. Just had black coffee. No one noticed.

  • I had fun and indulged this Christmas, but I also had my exit strategy in place beforehand. What a difference this makes.

  • I’m going to work harder on tip#2 “have an exit strategy”. If I break my fast earlier than normal “to live authentically” sometimes I have the mindset “well I broke my fast anyhow so why not take advantage and splurge the rest of the day”. Then I regret the over indulging.

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