January 9

Stop Weighing Yourself Daily – Do This Instead [Little Effort = Big Results]


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The bathroom scale is the tool most people use to measure the progress of their weight loss diet. But is a daily weigh-in working for you or against you?

If the number is not what you wanted to see, do you give yourself a pep talk and get back to work? Or do you say to yourself, “This isn’t working, so having a treat won’t matter.”

If the number is what you’d hoped for, do you pat yourself on the back and gain motivation? Or do you look at it as a window of opportunity? Maybe saying to yourself, “I’m doing great, so having a treat won’t matter.”

If your goal is weight loss and your daily weigh-ins are inspiring you, fantastic! Keep doing what you’re doing.

But if not, or you find that you keep losing the same few pounds over and over again without any real progress, I have a new approach for you that takes very little effort but is just enough to shake up your routine and get you to the finish line.

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  • Dr Becky, you’re so correct,daily weigh ins can either be upliting or discouraging, it I don’t see a loss, it ruins my entire day! I’m going to follow your advice,I only have alittle holiday weight to lose but,I feel uncomfortable, I want to get itoff now before I gain more! Thankyou for another great video,hve a wonderful day! ❤

  • Yeah feeling and looking good in your clothes is a great indicator of how your lifestyle and eating habits are working for you. Exercise and energy level are so important too. If wheelchair bound well you can still eat right. ❤

  • Great video and great idea. I learned a long time ago to avoid the temptation of daily weigh-ins and have adopted a once a week approach. But as you said, the temptation to “reward” myself after a successful week is very real. I will definitely be trying the 6 day approach. It makes a lot of sense. I enjoy your videos and they have helped me greatly. I’m down 45 pounds since Memorial Day of 2023. Greetings from Harrisburg!

  • Daily weigh-ins actually work for me as they keep me motivated and focused, even when the result is disappointing. However, I take a break from these whenever I over-indulge, like this past Christmas. I have since returned to my healthier lifestyle of IF and a low carb/(sometimes keto) diet, and will resume my daily weigh-ins as soon as I feel that the few extra pounds are gone. I think I’m there now as my post-holiday feeling of being unwell is totally gone and my clothes fit😊.

  • Weighing every day doesn’t work for me. I know weight fluctuates, so I have switched to weighing about 6 days or longer.

  • Hi Dr. Becky. I don’t have a number but a range I like to stay within (140-149). This small shift has helped my mindset a lot. I usually weigh on my days off (Wed,Sat,Sun) but I actually forget sometimes, which I take as a healthy sign. Happy New Year to you and Dr. Keith! I hope all is well with you both.

  • I’ve been weighing in daily with a body composition scale for around 10 years now, both during weight loss and weight gain periods. It helps me understand how my body works and reacts to differing diet and exercise, etc. It’s an excellent tool if you can disconnect emotion from data.

  • Thank you, Dr. Becky, your “Zero Sugar” book and videos are of tremendous help in keeping me on track. I am on day 6 of zero sugar and have started to feel very well. I haven’t bothered weighing myself since the stats I noted when I began. I know I need to lose 21lbs after a terribly stressful and 2 years and judging by the bathroom trips a lot of it will be water weight anyway. I do know that, within a couple of days of starting, my trousers did up much more easily, which is good enough for me for the time being.

  • Even when I weigh myself weekly, I go through the same “mind games” you described at the onset of this video. But if I go longer than a week, I fear losing sight of what my progress actually is along with the opportunity to tweak my eating plan if I see I’m not losing or have gained. The 12-step programs, such as OA and FAA, actually insist that we only weigh in monthly and assess our progress by other means, such as how our clothing fits. I really haven’t figured out what the “magic” time frame is for scale weigh-ins for me. Sometimes I feel like throwing my scale in the garbage altogether.

  • Once again you hit the nail on the head. Was planning on cooling it on this obsession. You helped me make up my mind. Thank

  • I like the idea of 6 days (or whatever number) to mix it up. I have found that it matters where I place my scale in my bathroom – I can gain or loss lbs just by moving it to a different place. That is so helpful – NOT!! 🙂 So I find a spot and be consistent with it. I don’t weigh in everyday because it drives me nuts! But I do love looking for those NSV (non scale victories) in clothes fitting better, sleeping better, etc. Thanks Dr. Becky for all the ways you help us and inform us and encourage us!

  • I’m bummed . . . I ordered your Zero Sugar book on Dec. 27, but because Amazon sold out so fast and needs to restock, It’s estimated I won’t get it until 1/19. I had quit sugar over a week ago,and would love your book as my companion for this journey. Congratulations on the sale of your book!🎉 I am really looking forward forward to your book!❤ I appreciate your encouragement and advice on videos!

  • What a brilliant idea, I did start in the first week of the new year to cut out sugar and it’s working because I’m going gradual with it not expecting immediate results and I’m going to incorporate this idea as well. It will be very helpful because after I thought about using this idea, I started thinking about more better ways to eat. Thank you so much.

  • I just started about a month or so ago measuring the circumference of my waste. I have noticed if I don’t eat after 7:00 (I will have a bowl of popcorn) my circumference is 39 if I do eat after 7:00 (a bigger meal) my circumference in the morning is 40, so-far that’s all I’ve got. So I understand the switching it up, now I just got to figure out how and what I’m going to do, what’s my next plan in other words.

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