November 22

3 Brain Health Supplements Worth the Extra Pill


Your brain health may need this.

Never has a client said, I love taking supplements. Frequently I’ve heard, but I eat healthy and choose to get my nutrients from food.

And I get it. However, wow in 2022 that can be a challenge. I did ask my guest, neurologist, Dr. Amelia Scott Barrett, MD about these and so much more. If you want to know from a brain standpoint the amounts of various nutrients recommended and hear why those labs telling you you’re in the normal range may not be a reason to sigh relief just yet… tune in.

My Guest:

Amelia Scott Barrett, MD is a Stanford-trained neurologist who shows people how to use neuroscience and new technology to get rid of their headaches. Dr. B has translated those scientific advances into actionable strategies that cut headaches in half in just 12 weeks. She and her team have coached thousands of people all over the world through the online course called “Migraine Relief Code.”

She graduated with Honors in Psychology from Smith College, and then attended the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Barrett completed her residency training at Stanford University and then returned home to Colorado. She then founded Rocky Mountain Neurology, where she specializes in headache patients.

Questions we answer in this episode:

05:52 Does the brain need different nutrients than other organs?

08:10 Let’s describe optimal brain health, function, mood, cognition… how does the brain work?

10:56 What is a junk food diet from the brain’s standpoint?

14:30 What are your thoughts specifically on organ meats?

16:15 What is the effect of fasting on the brain?

18:06 Where is the most brain benefit happening – what fasting window?

19:40 Do supplements affect the neurotransmitters that occur naturally in the brain?

25:57 What are the most common symptoms people get from a deficiency of vitamins important for the brain?

27:32 B12 “norms” or is there an optimal level that you want to share?

29:16 Can we get adequate nutrients from food?


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