November 22

10 Minute Chair Core Exercise You Can Do Anywhere


10 Minute Chair Core Exercise You Can Do Anywhere
In this video, you'll focus on breath to reach deep core muscles. This chair core exercise is easy and hard all at once. You can do this at home, office, traveling, or anywhere. You need no equipment. You're ready now.
Identify your transverses abdominus and learn how to brace without weakening your core.

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Every day I'll share one exercise. I'll discuss and dissect:
how to make it easier to start
how to make it harder to progress
who should or shouldn't do it
how to modify for wrists, shoulders or low back depending on the exercise
the muscles it's focusing on
the benefits to daily activities of life.

Each of these will go into a playlist.
I'll reserve a special play list for specific muscles/exercises and for specific needs

Every individual is unique. Just because you have osteoporosis doesn't mean you can't do specific exercises. At this time there are no contraindicated exercises blanketing osteoporosis.
If you are frail, have already had a fracture, you want to approach your exercise very differently, than someone wanting to prevent fracture and strengthen bones who is apparently healthy with no history of fracture.

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