October 19

15 minute Walk Dance Cardio for Fat Loss | Seniors and Beginner Exercisers


This 15-minute indoor walking and dancing workout will help improve your cardiovascular health by getting your heart rate up, burn calories to help with fat loss, and increase strength with exercises that work your legs, glutes, core and upper body. The fun and easy exercises and dance moves are perfect for seniors and beginner exercisers. If you like Zumba for seniors, try this one out!

Join my 80-year-old mom, our cat Mochi, and me as we walk, dance and say yes to next steps to good health.

Marching or walking in place is the foundation for the workout. The weight-shifting dance moves will also work on your balance and coordination, which is important to prevent falls, the leading cause of non-fatal and fatal injuries among seniors.

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  • I’m so glad I discovered your workout videos for seniors with your mom alongside you, especially these walk-dance ones. The variety of moves & pace are just right for me in my mid 70’s, & they work our minds as well!

    • Glad you like our workouts, Pat! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s great to exercise with you. Keep moving and see you soon! 🙂

    • i dont mean to be so off topic but does any of you know of a way to log back into an Instagram account..?
      I somehow forgot my login password. I would love any assistance you can give me

  • Super great workout! Really like how it helps work on coordination and I will be including it in my exercise routine. Thank you!

    • Yay! Coordination is so important to help make everyday movement easier. Good for you!! Thank you for sharing and including us in your exercise routine! 🙂

  • I came across your channel last week sometime, and I really enjoyed it. Especially this video. So, I want to say thank you 🙂

  • I am so glad I found these workouts. Nothing else appealed to me and then I watched mother and daughter and totally identified with them. It has encouraged me beyond my greatest hopes. I’ve been doing them everyday for weeks and my aches and pains have diminished and I am increasing my time and variety. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, both of you, it has helped me so much during this pandemic. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • Your kind words make everything we do worthwhile. We are so happy we can inspire you to get active and are thrilled to hear about your progress — especially that your aches and pains have diminished! Congratulations! Keep up the great work! Thank you for working out with us and see you soon!

  • I am 85 and had an operation just before Christmas to remove my gall-bladder, so glad now I have found you, so nice and gentle I can get back into my original fitness regime, I live in Spain. Just love exercising so thank you xx

    • Thank you SO much! We applaud your dedication to exercising – great job! It is joy to help you get stronger. See you soon!

  • Managed to get so unfit during lockdown. Your videos are helping me enormously to get back to normal, in fact hopefully better than normal. Thank you. Love your mum, wish I had my mum
    back to exercise with.

    • So happy we can help you get back into exercising and getting better than normal. Sorry to hear about your mum. She is with you always.

  • Gracias, gracias. Another day and new exercises. Great. I was a bit tired but thats Ok. My first day doing 15 min. after a month doing the 10min. Thank you both!!!!

    • Great job! So sorry for the delay in replying! Somehow it slipped by us! Glad you enjoyed this one! Keep up the great work!

  • I think this is fantastic to keep older adults fit. Thank you. It’s so tough in a pandemic to keep them active.

    • Thank you! We hope our gentle movements can help not only seniors but to anyone who wants to begin making exercise a party of their daily routine! It’s so important to keep moving so hope you will keep moving with us!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I started dealing with grand mal seizures in May of 2020 (I was 55). Before then, I was very fit; but for over a year, I couldn’t do much of anything. My balance and stamina became so poor. A few months ago, my doctor said to start exercising. All the YouTube videos I found were too boring or too difficult… my brain was so messed up I couldn’t follow directions quickly enough. You two make these exercises a delight and keep me from feeling like I’m stupid! You’re wonderful!

    • Thank you for joining us! We are pleased to know we can help and look forward to working out with you soon! 👏 Start at your own pace and one that is comfortable for you! It’s terrific that you are exercising and your body will let you know it loves ❤️ the movements too! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Thank you so much. I did the 20 minute walk yesterday. I did this one today. I am so out of shape. I love these workouts. Your mother is great. You are the best. You are not only helping your mother but a lot of us out here. I am 78 and hope to be doing as well as your mother in two years. You are a great daughter.

    • Thank you for joining us and for your sweet words! As a young 78 it’s terrific that you are exercising! Great work on completing the 20 minute and 15 minute workouts! They are challenging and YOU DID IT! Start at your own pace no need to rush! Mom says hi and to keep up the good work! Keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • I am so thankful to you and your mom for these workouts, I recently found your channel and have been doing the exercises every day! I am age 65, love love, love 💝

    • Thank you! Happy you found us too! As a young 65 it’s great that you are exercising! You will be healthier and stronger in the years ahead by doing so! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Love your workouts. It’s great to see you working out with your mom. Let’s me know that these workouts I can do. I’m 83 and want to keep moving. So many videos are geared for younger people and even with their modifications are not always doable. Thanks again!

    • Thank you! It’s great that as a young 83yo you are exercising to stay strong! It’s never too late to begin moving! Mom says hi and to keep it going! If she can do it, so can you! You can do it! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Truly enjoy ALL of your videos, you make exercising fun, am 82 & not very coordinated but I can follow you and your MOM with pleasure, the endurance will come!

    • Thank you! Happy you enjoy them! It’s terrific that as a young 82yo you are exercising to stay healthy and strong! Mom says hi and keep it going! She has the same issue with coordination and endurance but knows with practice it will improve! Mom looks forward to practicing with you to get better! YAY! You can practice together! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

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