October 19

10-minute Indoor Walking Workout #2 for Seniors, Beginner Exercisers


This gentle 10-minute indoor walk will help improve your cardiovascular health, strength, and coordination. The exercises will get your heart rate up and work out your legs, glutes, core and upper body. Perfect for seniors and beginner exercisers. No gym equipment needed.

Join my 80-year-old mom and me on our walk as we say yes to the next steps to good health. Go at your own pace and have some water handy. Please warm up before doing this workout.

Marching or walking in place is the foundation for the workout.

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yes2next celebrates fitness and joy after 50. It’s never too late to start exercising, creating, and doing. Let’s say “yes” to our next adventures in fitness and life.

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  • Watched this through so I can do it later tonight 🙂 Thank you! I was actually just thinking last night “I want a new 10 minute indoor walking workout on yes2next” and saw you posted this today. I’ve been using your workouts daily. I walk outside and do your workouts, too. I added the arm workouts last night and I had 2 light weights, whew! I’m recovering from having Covid twice over the past 8 months so this helps me rebuild my lung strength, heart strength and brain/body connection. Thank you so much for this! So easy to modify if I want to, too.

    • So happy to hear you’re recovering from Covid and we can help you get stronger. Love that you walk outside and do our workouts. We’re glad we could surprise you with a new 10-minute walking workout! Wishing you continued strength! See you soon! 🙂

  • Thank you both you are amazing, I’m so grateful for your videos. I am addicted to your exercise sessions I love that they change every 30 seconds, much more interesting. Thank you both 💕🙏🏼💕

    • Hi Paula! Back ‘atcha! We are so grateful for you. Wonderful that you are exercising — keep it up! Thank you for sharing and working out with us! Look forward to seeing you again soon! 🙂

  • Thanks a lot for your videos. I do different ones depending on how I feel…sometimes I do 10 min other times I do 20 or 25… it is good you offer several options . Thanks to you I am exercising . 😍

    • Wonderful! It was our goal to provide variety so it makes us happy to hear that you are doing different workouts depending on how you feel. We are grateful to be by your side and applaud you for exercising. Keep up the great work and see you soon! 🙂

  • Love these beginner exercises. I’ve decided to start here for a week or so and graduate to something a little more difficult. I watched the video first and thought no way would this make me feel like I had done anything. So wrong! I was a little breathless and felt I had indeed had a workout!

    • Excellent, Linda! You are approaching exercise the right way — start slow and gradually build up your strength and endurance to move on the more challenging workouts. Glad we surprised with the workout! 😊 Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing and exercising with us!

  • I love your exercises. I just finished cardio rehab and was looking for something to do in doors I have tried a few of them and so far love them all. I had bypass surgery , I am diabetic and have cancer and I just turned 75 so I’m glad to find your exercise and plan to do it everyday. Thank you I love your mom how old is she?

    • You are a superwoman and an inspiration. We applaud your positive mindset and dedication to getting stronger. My mom is 80 and is also diabetic. Like you, she has a strong mind. We wish you good health and strength. We’re honored to be by your side. ❤️

    • Oh my. Sorry for the delay in replying. There was some glitch in this system and we’re only seeing your comment now. Nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for working out with us! Keep moving!

  • I have been doing your fun workouts since March and let me tell you…..I look and feel like a different person. Toned and fit! My friends have said “wow! you’ve lost weight! It’s all thanks to you guys. The only reason I have stuck with it is due to your warm personalities and the way these exercises are designed to be low impact yet highly effective. Bravo.

    • Thank you! So happy to play a small part in a healthier You! Your efforts to get healthier are paying off! 👏 Keep it going and moving with us! You are doing great and “lookin good!”

  • Thank you ladies for the excercise videos! I enjoy your company, it makes excercise much more enjoyable!

  • I love your workouts. You and your mom are awesome. Thank you for providing these gentle routines which are helping me after sustaining an injury to my neck and shoulders . I’d tried different things but all of them ended up making me flare up except your routines and stretching. Thank you both!!

    • Thank you! So happy to know we can help! Do the workouts at a slower pace until you feel up to raising the intensity! 👏 You can do it! Keep it going and keep moving with us! ❤️

    • Thank you for joining us! So happy we can help! 👏 It’s great that you want to exercise! It will help your body to recover. Start at a pace that is comfortable for you! Slow is good! Mom always says to remember the tortoise! Hope you are feeling better! See you soon!❤️

  • Hello ladies, so proud to introduce you to my neurologist who’s been treating me for a few decades . She checked your videos out while I was with her & she highly approves & intends to refer family & associates to you . Thank you for another needed workout today . Hope you enjoy the weekend .

    • Good to see you! 👋 Thank you for sharing our workouts! It’s very gratifying to have such support since we aim for the same goal – helping people in their daily lives. Keep up your good work too and keep moving with us! See you at our next workout! ❤️ps Have. wonderful weekend too! ❤️

    • @yes2next I love your work outs, thank you so much for doing them and making them so manageable. Can you please tell me what benefits your mum has found doing them? I understand balance and fitness, some of the moves are tricky at first and a challenge for our brains, how has this played out for your mum? I come from a place of being so uncoordinated and you and your mum make it look so natural. Thank you for your time.

  • Thank you ! i am a middle aged lady who injured her knee a couple of weeks ago doing somebody else’s quite full on cardio walking video on youtube (won’t mention the name) i found yours by chance and am loving all of them so far as they are very kind and gentle on my knees. Keep up the great work you guys are absolutely amazing ! much <3

    • Thank you! Love ❤️having your company! Knees need TLC for sure as they do alot of support work for us! Moving at a slower pace will strengthen them. Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Thanks, ladies; I’m done my 10min here. And I’ll do my hips and legs next!!
    ❤️ have a good day!

    • Thank you! Sounds like a great plan! Your heart and muscles will love ❤️ the workouts! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

    • Thank you! That’s terrific to know! Happy you enjoyed it too! In 10minutes your heart and muscles received a good work out! Perfect! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Thank you so much for these lovely, short videos! I’m 30 and have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and these are the only workout videos I can handle that don’t put me in bed for a couple days. On the good days I can keep up with April, and on the not-so-great days my goal is to keep up with Aiko. I also really appreciate that you frequently remind your viewers that it’s ok to rest or dial it down (rather than the “push through it!” message in mainstream workouts). Thanks for helping me keep moving!

    P.S. I’m still waiting for the video when Aiko actually makes it to the hotdog stand. 😉

    • Thank you! Happy you enjoy the short workouts! In just a few minutes, your heart and muscles do receive a good workout! As a young 30yo it’s terrific that you are exercising despite limitations and listening to your body when it tells you to do April’s level or Mom’s pace is really smart! That’s the way to stay healthy and strong! Mom shares your thoughts too! Where is the video of her making it to the hot dog stand? Ha! Stay tune! In the meantime, keep up the good work and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

    • Jenna, thanks for writing this comment and sharing your experience. I was actually going to write something very similar. Love these videos!

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