October 19

25 minute Walk and Dance Workout for Seniors, Beginner Exercisers


This indoor walking workout includes dance moves including the waltz and box step, perfect for seniors and beginner exercisers. The exercises will work out your entire body and help improve your cardiovascular health, balance and flexibility.

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  • Yet another great exercise video from you and your mom! Thank you. The dance moves are helpful to practice coordination – and mine needs a lot of work! Thanks again.

    • Yes! Coordination is important for everyday movement. So happy to hear we are helping you work on it — keep practicing! It will get easier the more you do it! Thanks again for walking and dancing with us! 🙂

  • Thank you once again April and Ikko! I just want you to know how very grateful I am to be be able to do a safe, low-impact, joint friendly work out with you. I can tell you put a great deal of thought into these wonderful work outs and perfect modifications both up and down. You are offering a gift I really need. Have a great evening and know you are special!

  • Thank you April and Aiko, your classes are wonderful. I totally enjoy them and try to do them every day. It’s the best classes that I found for seniors on YouTube. I like the relationship between the two of you ❤️

  • I’m so glad I found your channel, our doctor wants us to do more cardio and walking exercises. My husband and I work out to your videos together we both really enjoy them and feel we accomplished a good work out. You and your mother make a great team.

    • From our team to your team — great work!! We love that you and your husband work out together. It makes us so happy you enjoy our workouts. Thank you so much and keep moving!

  • Excellent workout. Love it because it includes some simple line dancing moves, which I have had to give up as an 87 year old it was to vigorously I also use your videos between my Zoom exercise classes.

    • Glad you liked it. Thank you for including us in your exercise program. You are 87-years-young and an inspiration!

  • I thank you and and your mom for doing such a wonderful job. I’m recovering from heart surgery and this has been so inspirational and doable for me. Thank you so much again.

  • Thank you both for all of your good work. I’m off the couch, moving, and feeling so much better! I just added this new video to my ongoing yes2next playlist! Love your stuff!

    • So sorry for the delay in replying! Somehow your message slipped by us! Glad you enjoyed this one! Keep up the great work and see you soon!

  • I love these workouts and do several of them. I’m 74 years old so your 80 year old mother gives me encouragement. I have vascular Parkinsonism (not the same as Parkinson’s) and these exercises really help especially with balance. I plan on continuing them even though I could go to the gym now. It’s so much more convenient doing them at home. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you! So happy we can help and we give you a big “pat on the back” 👏 for making the efforts to exercise! Mom says hi and loves ❤️ having “kids” like you join her in working out! Do the routines at your own pace and build from there. Keep it going and keep moving with us! Love ❤️ having your company!

  • Thank you so much Ma’am. I do this work out everyday morning n evening. I’m very much happy doing this. Enjoy watching n doing with you n your lovely Mom. Your Mom is a great inspiration to many seniors. After I started doing your work out n line dance video it’s so easy for me to reach my 10000 steps goal per day. Thanks again for your wonderful efforts for helping us. God Bless April n Aiko super Mom.

    • Thank you! Happy to know we are working out with you everyday! That’s terrific! 👏 We are pleased that you are making progress with your total step count too! 10,000 is a great effort on your part! Mom says Hi 👋 and will look for you at our next workout! Keep up the good work and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Easy steps, demanding routine, great workout! Fun because of the variations to keep one engaged and alert! Good one for sure April and Aiko!

    • We’re so happy our workouts are just right for you. As fellow seniors ourselves, we love helping you stay active and get stronger! Thank you for spending time with us. Keep moving and see you soon! ❤️

  • Such a great workout to keep the entire body functioning. Especially like the variety and the positiveness ok Ikko and April

  • Absolutely love your workouts and the mother/daughter team. I am getting stronger because these are getting easier for me to do. God Bless you both!

    • Thank you! Happy you enjoy them! If the workouts are getting easier it is because your stamina and endurance are increasing from all your hard work! Keep it going! Mom says hi and thanks for your sweet words! She also says not to stop! Keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

    • Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it! Love ❤️ having you working out with us! Keep up the good work and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Dearest Ikko & April. Thank you for everything good you do for our well being. I’ll soon be 68; I’ve never been so stronger & healthier as when I started doing ur exercise videos since 2020. I love the wider selection, too, to ward off boredom! Keep going! Your mission for a more fit & healthier generation of elderlies is a huge success! Deeply appreciated, #MotherDaughterTeam

    • Thank you! Love ❤️ having you working out with us! As a young 68 it’s terrific that you are exercising! Your body is loving all your efforts by feeling healhier and stronger! Keep up the terrific work and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • When I started this one I thought to myself, this isn’t going to be too tough I might want to use some weights. But I decided not to use my weights and by the end after I push myself I was drenched in sweat so that was an awesome workout 💪🏼

    • Thank you! Good to see you again! The workout always looks easy peasy but as you found out gives your body a good dewy finish! Using weights next time will really test your endurance and dewy level! Ha! Good you are consistently working out! Your strength and stamina are improving big time! Keep up your great work and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

    • That’s terrific! Being consistent in working out makes your body stronger and your heart and muscles are loving ❤️it too! Keep it going! You are doing great! Keep moving with us too! See you again tomorrow for another workout! ❤️🏋️

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